Death Valley High – CVLT [AS FVK] [REVIEW]

Bringing out their own mixture of alternative rock mixed with powerful electronics and programming are self proclaimed ‘Death Disco’ act Death Valley High. This latest releasing from the group incorporates a lot of mixed genres into this and overall creates something that is confusing but enjoyable.

Seemingly taking a page out of the book of Mindless Self Indulgence, the tracks have a strong flavour of being an alternative punk sound blended with electronic leads and fast paced songs that are nothing too mind-blowing but are a good listen to. You’ll immediately know when the first track ‘Sunshine Cleaners’ kicks in that the influence is very strong with this, including with the distorted megaphone quality vocals and ultra-high octaves in some parts.

On the electronics side of things, they’re aren’t many elements on tracks where they flow superbly and make a strong addition to the record. Whilst you get tracks like ‘Ick Switch’ which at some points sound like a gone off video game soundtracks, you also get the tracks that are just obscenely bursting through on the bass side and feel a bit grumbly. Whilst you know what they’re trying to do with the overall record, its just taking itself on a very lacklustre route.

The redeeming qualities are the vocals and guitars, as well as drums for the entire record. Speaking on vocals, they know what they need to do to make themselves flow such as in songs ‘Tiptoe Thru The 2 Crypts’ which add a certain element on creepiness to the record. The drumming on the record is simplistic but it works throughout the record from front to back and know how to boost up the rest of record. Guitars as well also follow this same suit, but adds that certain discordant like in the verses of ‘1213 [As Many Fvks]’ that change it a bit.

Overall, this record isn’t something that will blow anything out of the water, but they do try and bring you something on the end you may have a nostalgic feeling towards, even if that is out of touch with modernised music listening to some people.