Ghost Key – If I Don’t Make It [REVIEW]

Having now signed to InVogue Records and are looking to push their music harder than ever, Illinois based Ghost Key are back with a new album that is surely going to be in many people’s lists of AOTY if you are a big fan of melodic hardcore and strong punches. ‘If I Don’t Make It’ is looking to be their most emotionally draining release and now its time to see how it fairs in its genre’s pool.

With ‘Death In The Family’ kicking off with a build up of sound before the vocals kick in ferociously and the whole band following suit, you can immediately tell what kind of journey you’re going to be taken on. Having that Counterparts vibe with its writing with a big more aggression in its delivery, the band make such a strong presence with every single member with the melodies being crunchy and minimalist as to not drown out the rest of the instrumentation. As it goes into ‘Indecision’, the guitar riffs add a small element of bounce and swing within its walls, but when it comes down to the bare knuckle brawl of the breakdown, it unleashes a massive wave of low tuned and low toned sound that just takes your breath away and adds another positive tick on the checklist.

Don’t think that the band comes into the record always guns blazing, because they still have a strong presence in their melodies even if they will be mainly overshadowed by the more combative guitar work. A perfect example of this is with the introduction and verses of ‘Dead Man’ which have this crisp and beautiful guitar lead come through strong and add a nice element of depth into the recording. It helps bring up the moments of anthem-like quality to a high point before everything comes crashing down with the palm muted anguish that is their outro. Another track that has a strong melody working in its favour is ‘Dying To Live’, combined with the vocals gives the album that much more of an emotional side point that you might not have expected from the record.

This band have covered all the bases of their labelled genre as well as pushed things a lot harder to make this record have a long lasting impression on the listener and it does just that. With the modern era wave of hardcore of many kinds, this band are slowing become the forefront of the upcoming melodic hardcore band scene.



Hometruths – Open Your Eyes EP [REVIEW]

The metalcore and hardcore scene have some stages of overlapping, whether it be from their musical structure to specific sections and even right down to the fanbases who are of an open mind to accept many genres. Hometruths are looking to bridge that gap even further with a six track EP full of excitement, aggression and rival the bands above them.

As the intro of ‘Embers’ pounds through and gets you pumped, the first single from the release goes balls to the wall and gets you by the hair and puts you in one massive frenzy. Sounding like a mix between While She Sleeps and Stray From The Path, ‘Feral’ is one of those standout tracks that the artist have that will have a massive amount of replay value due to its sound and style. With seconds to get a mosh on to the bounciness that the guitar riff provides, the EP now screams of a massive upstart for the group and sets the stage for what they are capable of. ‘Divide’ has more of that aggressive metalcore taste within its walls and has a flavour of what Blood Youth possesses, the band are making yet another mark with an extra nice touch of melody thrown in parts for good measure. The last minute or so brings back that hardcore tendency with the finale sounding like a page was ripped out of the book of Code Orange and give off an unbridled amount of heavy quality to the record.

Vigilante’ for the most part sounds very much like a build up song, but then the whole band brings more of their A game with a change up in their speed and how they write their more technical standpoints. The guitar patterns in some places bring that vibe of more melodic hardcore such as rising stars in Ghost Key as the final two tracks ‘WMD’ and ‘Genocide’ proceeds to showcase more of the bands offerings. The former brings a lot more of a modern hardcore taste to the table throwing in quite a lot of punches in its approach whilst the closer of the EP starts off with a lot of bounce before throwing you into a spiral. That doesn’t mean in calms down in its aggression as there are plenty of parts to get a dance on to, but the bands capability of going outside of their box and produced something fun and exciting with a tinge of difference is always refreshing.

If you want a band that are only just starting out to make an impact on the UK music scene, Hometruths are going to be making a massive statement with this EP and the appetite to see what they bring live as well as on a larger musical will grow further. You best start getting your fix now.


Hometruths announce new EP ‘Open Your Eyes’, release new song

If you like your chaotic yet flavourful modern hardcore, then look no further than Manchester’s own Hometruths. Bringing you something in the vein of While She Sleeps and early Architects, the band plan to give you a new EP titled ‘Open Your Eyes‘ in March to make you feel somewhat nostalgic about the genres you love.

You can check out the first single ‘Feral‘ below to see what to expect!

Chris Warren + Cody Quistad, Wage War (4/12/16)

A slow and freezing night in Bristol, the fans outside get ready to keep themselves warm before the doors open for the O2 Academy Bristol. Before the show starts, we got to talk to both the bassist and guitarist/vocalist of Wage War about the current tour, tracks off their debut LP and inspirations.

For those who might not be familiar, how would you describe Wage War?

Cody: Uh, were kind of like a metalcore band as kids would describe it. We’re just kinda heavy music with a strong sense of melody.

You’re currently just starting your UK/EU tour with The Amity Affliction, how is that tour going so far?

Chris: The shows have been great, its our second time over here and the crowds this time around have been big as well as all the bands every night have been fun to watch so it’s been a pleasure.

Which upcoming show on the tour are you most excited to play?

Chris: Personally London at the Roundhouse.

Cody: Same.

Your debut record ‘Blueprints’ recently hit its one year anniversary, how do you feel that whole year since release has been for yourself and your band?

Cody: It’s been absolutely unreal. When you record an album, you always hope its gonna do good and we were obviously proud of it but to see what it’s ended up doing for us and paving us an incredible year. We’ve been able to tour all over and really kind of start to live out our dreams. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but its a great start.

What song would you say of that record is the most meaningful to you?

Chris: I would say ‘Youngblood‘ has got some deep meaning. It’s about suicide and depression and it’s got good lyrics that people can connect to.

Cody: I would say ‘Twenty One‘ just because it’s very personal as far as like, the age of accountability and starting to take on life for yourself, figuring out what you stand for and what life is about for.

With you currently working on album number two, what do you feel is going to separate this record from ‘Blueprints’?

Chris: I think its just the progression just from being in a band and being on the road with new life experiences. I’d say that it’s very real as far as being relatable to people’s experiences, its not like ‘always good things happen in life’ and that people might find it relatable. I think we just push the boundaries both ways and expand what we do as a band.

Out of the bands you’ve toured with, which band would you say has helped inspire a stronger work ethic towards your touring/music?

Chris: It’s easy for me, but I would say Every Time I Die. We toured with them in the fall with August Burns Red as well as Vans Warped Tour. Andy from their band in particular  kind of took us under their wings and showed us the ropes of what its like to be in a band and ways to make most of our experience.

What’s the most meaningful gift(s) you’ve ever received from a fan?

Cody: Letters are always really cool for me, like people taking the time to handwrite something and give it to us and we usually get to read it when we’re all hanging out later after shows and, to me, its really special.

Chris: Yeah, like their of how our music has helped them and affected their lives.

Would you take $1,000,000, but every time you ate something, the food screamed in agony as you were eating it?

Cody: Sure, I guess. I’ve seen a video of an octopus trying to escape from some womans mouth, it’s really weird.

Chris: I mean, if its like pizza, it can scream all it wants.

If the tour lineup did a secret santa, who do you think would be the hardest person to get a gift for?

Chris: A secret santa.. That’s a hard one.

Cody: That’s a real hard one.

Chris: Probably Rou, our bands driver.

Cody: Yeah, he’s pretty hard to please.

What three items would you associate with your bands genre?

Cody: Three items.. wow.. These are hard!

Chris: I’ll throw out a hammer for the first one.

Cody: Nice, ill throw out a nail… and a piece of metal! *laughs*

You’re directing a romantic comedy with the bandmates in Wage War. Who is the guy who gets the girl in the end and who plays the hot female lead?

Cody: Seth (guitarist) gets the girl.

Chris: Stephen (drummer) plays the female lead.

What are the plans for Wage War in 2017?

Cody: We are currently working on it, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff.

Chris: I’m sure we will be doing a tonne of touring.

Cody:  A lot of touring, we got a new record coming out next year, probably spring-ish. Then just do like last year and just tour tour tour and hopefully see as many people as we can.

Any final words to your fans?

Chris: Check out the record next year!

Cody: Thank you for listening to us and supporting our band. We’re really grateful!

The Amity Affliction + Guests: Live @ O2 Academy Bristol (4/12/16)

It’s time to enter a sea of black clothing, a ruffling of push pits and an all around enjoyable night, we got the chance to have a fun party with The Amity Affliction and all of their friends.


Starting off the night with some very strong blend of modern hardcore and metalcore, the five piece knew how to hit the right amount of heaviness with touches of melody seeping through. Tracks like ‘The River’ and ‘Alive’ showed off the bands versatility with the sound of the guitars and drums coming through just as violent as they do on the record. Both Briton and Cody’s vocals have such emotion ringing out that on their closer ‘Twenty One’, everything came together for the groups final few minutes of bringing some strong heat and giving them their second stint in the UK an even better one.

Rating: 8.5/10


Firing on all cylinders and showing they’re not here to mess around, the Long Island hardcore group tore the roof off the building immediately with their powerful and gritty style of powerful and outspoken music. Smashing through songs new and old, ‘Negative And Violent’ sounded just as destructive and mosh-heavy as ‘D.I.E.P.I.G’ and with the band being as unfiltered as they are, it makes them that so much more enjoyable to know they wont be quiet about certain issues. Flowing through such a powerful set and closing on ‘First World Problem Child’ cemented themselves as a band that could handle academy sized venues by themselves with great ease.

Rating: 9.5/10


Then on another scale level, Northlane brought something different from the first two acts that played and that was an undeniable shift in musical capability. Whilst the first two bands were on their own levels, this shattered the glass ceiling and brought something full of theatrics and crushing sound. Whilst the lights got a bit blinding, the colour schemes within them for tracks like ‘Aspire’ and ‘Dispossession’ during their tracks helped add a nice vibrance to them all and have you know which songs stand out. It took a small while for Marcus Bridge’s vocals to flow within the sounds of the PA, but by the end of it, there where a lot of satisfied fans and more newer ones to add to their collection.

Rating: 9/10


Whilst the headliners brought everything to the table and then some, it seemed apparent that their set didn’t have as much grip as it should have done. Maybe it’s because people were tired from the first three acts, but the atmosphere had changed quite a bit and whilst it worked on some levels it fell flat in others. The screams from Joel Birch came through as somewhat unintelligible and the flow of the set felt more like an alternative rock show than it did for their genre. The rest of the band nailed every single note and hearing tracks like ‘Open Letter’ and ‘Death’s Hand’ smash through the crowd and maintain some sort of energy was a sight to behold. A great band who brought a hell of a stage presence with them, just tonight didn’t feel like the best of nights for them.

Rating: 7/10