Rykka releases video for “Running Away”

Rykka has released a video for the track “Running Away” from their debut album “Beatitudes” which was released last year.


Rykka had these words to say about the video “The director, Brianne Nord-Stewart, came to stay with me in Switzerland for two weeks while we shot this music video. She stayed on my farm and we would swim in Lake Zurich everyday. It was a unique experience to creatively collaborate with Brianne while spending so much time together. I believe she clearly understands me as an artist because of this. Pieces of our time together inspired various parts of the video. For example, we met a man at the lake one day who collected vintage cars and allowed us to use one for a few shots. I was also living with a sheep on the farm who makes a cameo in the video as well.”

You can read more about it on BreatheHeavy.



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