Body Count – Bloodlust [REVIEW]

The last time that Body Count dropped a strong record was with their comeback record ‘Manslaughter’ which grew an even bigger fanbase with tracks such as ‘Talk Shit Get Shot’ being a main staple over speakers at metal gigs. Now there is a new album along the way titled ‘Bloodlust’ and with more mystery going around this record, its time to see how things have progressed.

The band still bring a strong, level headed approach with their music right out of the gate with ‘Civil War’ being such a powerful introduction to the record. Everything sounds super crisp and the addition of samples within the beginning of the track before the aggression of the band powers through instrumentally. Ice T’s vocals are very prominent throughout the record as it moves into ‘The Ski Mask Way’ with a bouncy yet punchy riff. The lyrical quality of the record is still as striking as ever with the band hitting the issues that feel close to them. Tracks like their first single ‘No Lives Matter’ are very prominent with the topic that it hits and the force of the band that brings around that punchy hardcore influenced metal sound into your ears, giving you something really powerful in both aspects of music.

There are a lot of spoken word sections on the whole record, with Ice T talking about the band in ‘Raining In Blood / Postmortem’ which starts off talking what got the band started with their influences before throwing themselves into a cover of Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ with the next track ‘God, Please Believe Me’ going with the more melodically charged instrumentation with the words just ringing through the track with a strong momentum behind it. The album doesn’t shy away from different patterns and flavours with ‘This Is Why We Ride’ being quite minimalistic in its approach but with the entire sound it brings adds such an energetic element to the record whilst keeping moments of downtime and cleaner sections their freedom to breathe. The record closer hits everything home hard with giving you everything they’ve got. ‘Black Hoodie’ throws everything at you and gives you a nice variability of the groups musical skill with small pattern changes when needed and it gives the album that aggressive end that it needs.

The album is rife with powerful messages as well as powerful riffs and the band are still pushing themselves harder than ever. As their sixth record in their discography, it is another chance for Body Count to bring the heat in terms of what they have and they have most definitely done that. Don’t expect this to be just another metal record!