Guttermouth – New Car Smell (EP)

Earlier in the year, So-cal punkers Guttermouth released Got It Made, their first material in almost a decade. It showcased the band’s hyper speed punk rock and mixed in catchy melodies for good measure.  For those who aren’t familiar, Guttermouth are a band formed in the late 80’s, influenced by the agitated punk of Descendents and Bad Religion and who have courted much controversy in their time, including the infamous stage-rants against fellow Warped Tour bandmates in 2004 . Aside from such antics, the band have provided many a standout musical moment, with 2002’s Gusto experimenting with poppier elements and 2004’s Eat Your Face acting as a welcome-back to more abrasive sounds. So with this, their second EP in a year, the band dish out much of the same aggro-punk and sarcasm shown on Got It Made, but trade in the pop sensibilities for a more manic take on their trademark formula.

New Car Smell kicks off with the caustic Spud Like Torso which finds the band at their idiosyncratic best, reeling off madcap lyrics against lashings of snotty hardcore riffery. It sets the pace well for the remainder of the EP, which doesn’t let up over it’s short but sweet 11 minutes. The title track shows frontman Mark Adkins channeling his inner Jello Biafra as the rest of the band thrash around in a sea of Black Flag-esque guitars – Adkins crude metaphors for a relationship having run its course, a handsome addition to his already crazed lyrical output. There is nothing here resembling the hookier likes of Freckles The Pony or Old Man from Got It Made, instead we get snappy chant-alongs likes The Human Mulligan and Mail Order Bride which resemble the garage-y punk of Dwarves.

From start to finish, New Car Smell is an hellacious ride. It contains just over ten minutes of funny, engaging, blistering punk rock that acts a fantastic companion piece the slightly more accessible Got It Made. Guttermouth may be older, they may not quite fit into the scene in the same way that they once did, but when it comes to the short sharp shock that only the best punk rock can provide, they still know how to get the job done.

New Car Smell is out 25th November in collaboration with Bird Attack Records.

Guttermouth To Release New EP

California Punks Guttermouth return this November with a brand new EP. The record, titled New Car Smell is a quick successor to July’s Got It Made which was the band’s first release in a decade. Speaking on the new release, the band commented : “There wasn’t a lot of pressure to do that first EP so the process was fun, and we just wrote some songs. We had no idea at all what to expect from our fans, but their response was great!” Listen to the first track to be released from New Car Smell below.

New Car Smell is released though Bird Attack Records / Rude Records on November 25th. The Tracklisting is below.

1. Spud Like Torso
2. Soundtrack To The End Of The World
3. New Car Smell
4. Perma Walkabout
5. Mail Order Bride
6. The Human Mulligan