No Zodiac – Altars Of Impurity [REVIEW]

As the band have gone through various changes, No Zodiac are looking to cement this lineup as something fully solidified as the new era of the group and for their hardcore/deathcore sound. ‘Altars Of Impurity’ is the third album from the band and its a new time to show the world what they’re bringing to the table.

The band opens with ‘Santisima Muerte’ which opens up very melodically before going balls to the wall with is heavy qualities. One thing you immediately tell is the sound has a lot more of a polished gravitas to it compared to the last few releases that has been brought to the bands discography with a move away from the gritty sound that has been present. The band still bring that aggression in spades as the record moves into tracks ‘River Of Hypocrisy’ which pushes more of the groove element of their music and ‘Sigil Of Aciel’ which goes on more of a death metal influence with the tremolo picking and drum patterns throughout the majority of the track. It definitely moves into a newer sound that the band are hitting all over the map to create something not necessarily unique, but standing out from their own crowd and having something that feels like a modernised No Zodiac record.

The band continue the onslaughts with ‘Corroded Soul’ which gives you more glimpses into the bands character and throws in a few solos for good measure over a darker element that they provide as moving into ‘The Tribulation’ gives off that classic deathcore/slam vibe with the palm muted chords and use of the ride cymbal to their advantage. Further down the list you have ‘Swine’ which goes back to the same flavour of songs like ‘Constant Decay’ with the same pounding beatdown style of aggression with a deathcore twinge that flows through the veins of the track. ‘Penance’ is most certainly the track to get your head banging with the strumming pattern being a really solid staple of the track and the low screams coming through. The second half of the track goes back into hardcore/deathcore territory with a mosh friendly instrumentation with added double bass and guest vocals from Suburban Scum’s vocalist.

This whole album is a stronger push with their sound and gives you an idea of where the band are going to be setting their sights for. ‘Altars Of Impurity’ is a great blend of deathcore and hardcore with a penchant for headbanging and whilst it might not be the band you remember before, they’ve got a few ways to make you remember them now.


No Zodiac release new song/video titled ‘Santisima Muerte’

It might not be what you’re used to from No Zodiac, but they’re bring a much more death metal/deathcore vibe along with their new material. With their upcoming release in April titled ‘Altars Of Impurity‘ set to be the love/hate record of their arsenal, it will no doubt have something heavy to bring to the table.

Check out their new song ‘Santisima Muerte‘ below!

No Zodiac drop new song ‘Penance’ ft. Karebear (Suburban Scum)

Bringing the death metal/slam style back with their new material is No Zodiac who show off what they’re bringing to the table with their third album ‘Altars Of Impurity

The head banging riffs, the Cannibal Corpse flavours and the special feature from Suburban Scum‘s own Karebear, this track is a perfect intro into what will be one of the heaviest releases of 2017.

Check out ‘Penance‘ below!