Attila & Guests – Live @ Marble Factory, Bristol (5/4/17)

The crowd was coming in fierce to the Marble Factory as they were getting ready for an onslaught of metal riffs and a party attitude. With Attila on a pretty extensive UK and Europe tour, they have made a stop in Bristol and they’re looking to show off a lot of the positive party vibes that only they can with the army of metalcore behind them.

Up first to showcase their talent are UK’s own Carter City (7) who were ready to throw everything they had at the crowd. With them highlighting a lot of their new release ‘Infinite // Unknown’ during the momentum of their set, the colours helped accentuate the songs and provide a really solid addition to the bands presence. The band’s vocalist knew where to provide elements of enjoyment with him sounding just as aggressive as he does on the record with the band weaving its metallic web with the technicality of the guitar patterns and drum accenting. Overall, the band made their mark solidly and it will be exciting to see where they go from here.

Taking the stage next were another crowd favourite next to the headliners, The Word Alive (9) were just as excited to be there as anyone else with the band throwing themselves around like rag dolls making the stage their new playground. With a big back catalogue it was interesting to see how they would fair with 45 minutes only, but they spanned their career ranging from tracks ‘2012’ to newer songs ‘Overdose’ with the fans responding to the set in kind with moshpits starting to rumble the venue. Telle Smith’s cleans have seem to be pushed through so much more, with him sounding incredible through the speakers and the bands instrumentation sounds as crisp as ever with them putting all their heart and soul into the live performance as well as being lighthearted at times. They’re pushing more walls down for metalcore and are a band to keep on your radar.

Finally, Attila (9) rose from the ashes with their heads held high and middle fingers raised as they came out swinging with all their bouncy rhythms and flavourful stage presence. Fronz’s mantra definitely applies during this set as ‘giving no fucks’ about how everything goes was a key component to making this band put a smile on your face and the kids in the pit. With ‘Hellraiser’ leading the opening charge of the audiences mosh participation, ‘Payback’ is when it all came to fruition as the band brought two people on stage to join them for another onslaught of the senses with more pounding guitars and bass. The electronics came through heavily with ‘Moshpit’ which showed a nice variation, but a more mature way of thinking that the band has been able to push through and truly find their sound, mixing heavy with a more dubstep/electronic twinge. You may hate them, but they put on such a fantastic live show that its hard not to laugh and smile.

Keychain announce massive North America tour

If you like your alternative metal/nu metal blends, then Keychain have a chance for you to see them during a massive trek around the US!

You can check out all the dates below as well as what the band sound like.

Mar 31 – Safari Club – Tijuana, MEX
Apr 01 – Estacionammiento Pizza Rock – Saltillo, MEX
Apr 02 – Café Iguana – Monterrey, MEX
Apr 07 – The Flashback Lounge – Watertown, NY
Apr 08 – Amity Teen Center – Woodbridge, CT
Apr 09 – The Middle East – Cambridge, MA
Apr 11 – Otto’s Shrunken Head – New York, NY
Apr 12 – Zakk’s Coffeehouse – Murfreesboro, NC
Apr 14 – The Haven Lounge – Orlando, FL
Apr 15 – Venom’s Back Room Bar – New Port Richey. FL
Apr 16 – Rok Bar – Daytona Beach, FL
Apr 17 – OM Bar & Chill Lounge – Smyrna Beach, FL
Apr 18 – The Junction at Monroe – Tallahassee, FL
Apr 19 – Alley Cat – Carrollton, GA
Apr 20 – Swayze’s – Marietta, GA
Apr 21 – Music Box – Chattanooga, TN
Apr 22 – Third Street Dive – Louisville, KY
Apr 23 – Springwater – Nashville, TN
Apr 25 – Open Chord – Knoxville, TN
Apr 26 – Rake’s End – Cincinnati, OH
Apr 27 – US12 American Bar & Grill – Wayne, MI
Apr 28 – Louie’s Trophy House – Kalamazoo, MI
Apr 29 – The Company Concourse – Bedford, IN
Apr 30 – Carl’s Tavern – New Haven, IN
May 01 – Rail II – Peoria, IL
May 02 – Fubar – Saint Louis, MO
May 03 – Red Line Tap – Chicago, IL
May 04 – Prohibition Hall – Kansas City, MO
May 05 – Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO
May 06 – Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO
May 07 – Blu Phoenix Venue – Albuquerque, NM
May 10 – Skinny’s Lounge – Los Angeles, CA
May 11 – Bancroft Bar – Spring Valley, CA
May 12 – Characters Sports Bar – Pomona, CA
May 13 – Rancho Nipomo BBQ & Deli – Nipomo, CA
May 14 – Brick & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
May 15 – The Bamboo Room – Medford, OR
May 16 – The Palomino Theater – Spokane, WA
May 17 – Substation – Seattle, WA
May 19 – Analog Cafe & Theater – Portland, OR
May 20 – TBA – Boise, ID
May 21 – Club X – Salt Lake City, UT
May 23 – The Manfort – Durango, CO
May 24 – The Rainbow Bar – Pueblo, CO
May 25 – Steel Bar – Wichita, KS
May 26 – Rocklahoma – Pryor, OK (w/Def Leppard, Three Days Grace & more)
May 30 – The SideShow – Dallas, TX
May 31 – My Place – Abilene, TX
Jun 03 – Ducky’s Sports Bar – Lafayette, LA
Jun 04 – Lucky’s – Jackson, MS
Jun 05 – Hi Tone – Memphis, TN
Jun 06 – Springwater – Nashville, TN
Jun 07 – The Burl – Lexington, KY
Jun 08 – Rake’s End – Cincinnati, OH
Jun 15 – Midtown Arts Center – Harrisburg, PA
Jun 16 – Cook’s Cafe – Naugatuck, CT
Jun 17 – The Raven – Worcester, MA
Jun 21 – Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON
Jul 15 – Festival d’été de Québec – Quebec City, QC (w/Of Mice & Men & The Devil Wears Prada)

Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory [REVIEW]

For the hardcore scene, its a wide array of sounds and influences that get brought to the table whether it be from the straight edge band all the way to the aggressive beatdown punchfests that are present in some bands. Deez Nuts have their own bouncy convention which invokes a lot of the NYHC scene but puts their own gangster spin on it, but will that be the same case with their new record?

Binge’ leads straight into ‘Purgatory’ and you can tell right from the get go that the band haven’t lost any of their spark with the guitar tone and vocal delivery being just as memorable as they have been through the past few record, with the aggressive chugging section throwing its weight around entirely. As the record moves on, ‘Antidote’ further heightens that anger more with the overall sound of the band coming through. Whilst the vocals don’t give off the same rage as the rest of the band possess, the lyrical notion provided keep that notion fly through, especially when Scott Vogel of Terror appears as a guest vocal spot. ‘Commas & Zeros’ keeps the energy moving with the more cleaner, yet gravelly, vocal section during the choruses add a new moment for the band as the record just keeps pushing the band higher up the totem pole.

Then going into ‘Break Out’, the instrumentation continues to be full of strong riffs and an ability to entice and capture you into the records capabilities. The guitar and bass compliment each other really well throughout the entire album and they even give you their classic quick paced track ‘Carried By Six’ that shows more of the agility and versatility of the drums more with the different patterns coming, especially with the fact that it follows a 6 bar pattern and 6/4 timing for the most part. The raw emotion can still be found with the palm muted madness that is ‘Lesson Learned’ that rounds itself with punchy riffs, but still keeps that loveable Deez Nuts flavour. The album might feel a bit daunting with the 13 tracks that are presented, but they are able to bring you something that feels like the band but give you something new within every track. ‘Hedonistic Wasteland’ has a very strong hardcore influence within it from front to back, with ‘Remedy’ feeling full on punk at points with its speed and gang vocals channeling through it, but gives off times for those breakdowns.

The band have struck gold with this new release and are still managing to push their boundaries even further in the hardcore genre with their unique and flavourful selection of tracks that are bestowed upon this record. There is a little something for everyone and it will always show off the fun and charismatic side of them.


Body Count – Bloodlust [REVIEW]

The last time that Body Count dropped a strong record was with their comeback record ‘Manslaughter’ which grew an even bigger fanbase with tracks such as ‘Talk Shit Get Shot’ being a main staple over speakers at metal gigs. Now there is a new album along the way titled ‘Bloodlust’ and with more mystery going around this record, its time to see how things have progressed.

The band still bring a strong, level headed approach with their music right out of the gate with ‘Civil War’ being such a powerful introduction to the record. Everything sounds super crisp and the addition of samples within the beginning of the track before the aggression of the band powers through instrumentally. Ice T’s vocals are very prominent throughout the record as it moves into ‘The Ski Mask Way’ with a bouncy yet punchy riff. The lyrical quality of the record is still as striking as ever with the band hitting the issues that feel close to them. Tracks like their first single ‘No Lives Matter’ are very prominent with the topic that it hits and the force of the band that brings around that punchy hardcore influenced metal sound into your ears, giving you something really powerful in both aspects of music.

There are a lot of spoken word sections on the whole record, with Ice T talking about the band in ‘Raining In Blood / Postmortem’ which starts off talking what got the band started with their influences before throwing themselves into a cover of Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ with the next track ‘God, Please Believe Me’ going with the more melodically charged instrumentation with the words just ringing through the track with a strong momentum behind it. The album doesn’t shy away from different patterns and flavours with ‘This Is Why We Ride’ being quite minimalistic in its approach but with the entire sound it brings adds such an energetic element to the record whilst keeping moments of downtime and cleaner sections their freedom to breathe. The record closer hits everything home hard with giving you everything they’ve got. ‘Black Hoodie’ throws everything at you and gives you a nice variability of the groups musical skill with small pattern changes when needed and it gives the album that aggressive end that it needs.

The album is rife with powerful messages as well as powerful riffs and the band are still pushing themselves harder than ever. As their sixth record in their discography, it is another chance for Body Count to bring the heat in terms of what they have and they have most definitely done that. Don’t expect this to be just another metal record!


Insane Clown Posse announce UK tour with Mushroomhead

It’s time to get your best face paint out and the juggalos to come out in full force. Insane Clown Posse are coming back to the UK this November with Mushroomhead to get you all kinds of happy.

Have a listen to the headliner below and check out the dates!

Nov 15: Glasgow O2 ABC
Nov 16: Bristol O2 Academy
Nov 17: Manchester O2 Ritz
Nov 18: Birmingham O2 Institute
Nov 19: London O2 Forum Kentish Town

Twelve Foot Ninja announce UK tour for April

The groove inducing alternative metal shapeshifters Twelve Foot Ninja are coming to the UK to bring their crazy craft to our shores this April.

You can view the tour dates below as well as check out their song ‘Invincible

Tuesday 11 April – Audio, Glasgow UK
Wednesday 12 April – Think Tank, Newcastle UK
Thursday 13 April – The Flapper, Birmingham UK
Friday 14 April – Rock City Basement, Nottingham UK
Saturday 15 April – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes UK
Monday 17 April – The Underworld – London UK


Taking a quick scan over the cover of the self titled EP by Canada’s CRNKSHFT it’s fairly clear what vein the band is drilling. From the intentionally mis-spelled name right down to motor-inspired artwork it’s safe to say that the band won’t be penning Operation: Mindcrime anytime soon, but for the style of music they play, which is stomping party metal, they really don’t need to. The Vancouver crew have being plying their trade since their last EP, the bluntly titled Hard F**king Rock : touring with monster rockers Lordi and sharing the stage with visceral metallers Prong also. So with their latest EP, produced by Metallica collaborator Darren Grahn, can the band make waves within their metallic niche? The answer is both yes and no.

There are positive and negative elements to CRNKSHFT which both define and hinder the band’s sound to a certain degree. The first of a handful of positives is the dynamic voice of frontman Shane Jolie, managing to go from Layne Staley croon to Soil-esque screams in the space of a single song. It adds to the overall impact of the tracks here, particularly on second helping Old Habits which combines rolling guitar riffs with a soaring chorus. Another pleasing element to the EP are the song’s themselves, managing to utilise stop-start dynamics and solid structures to help tracks such as lead single Systematic, with its Spineshank-like disco-metal, remain memorable and concise.

The negatives of the EP are not vast but as mentioned earlier, they define the band in a way that may stop them from maximizing their fan-base beyond post-grunge and it’s dated template. As strong as tracks like Breaking The Silence come across, with repeated listens the slightly one dimensional guitar grooves and nu metal choruses can become monotonous and as with bands such as Soil and Drowning Pool, it could leave the band languishing in a genre that they could easily outgrow. A saving grace, helping the band occasionally break from its formulaic approach are the shred-heavy solo’s of lead guitarist Geoff Way which are both technical and catchy in equal measure.

Ten to fifteen years ago CRNKSHFT could well have ruled the roost alongside their biker-metal brethren, but unfortunately with so many fresh and unique sounds emanating from the metal world, music of this style doesn’t bring anything new to the table. So where does this leave CRNKSHFT? Well upon reading vocalist Shane Jolie’s words regarding how music has pulled him out of hard times, CRNKSHFT‘s blend of nitro-fueled guitars, punishing grooves and charismatic melodies may be just the ticket if you need some hard-rocking tunes to get you out of your funk. It may even resonate with fans of a bygone era of music who long for it’s return. However as an overall product, CRNKSHFT doesn’t quite deliver enough new ideas to be considered essential listening in 2017.

CRNKSHFT is released on March 24th.