Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory [REVIEW]

For the hardcore scene, its a wide array of sounds and influences that get brought to the table whether it be from the straight edge band all the way to the aggressive beatdown punchfests that are present in some bands. Deez Nuts have their own bouncy convention which invokes a lot of the NYHC scene but puts their own gangster spin on it, but will that be the same case with their new record?

Binge’ leads straight into ‘Purgatory’ and you can tell right from the get go that the band haven’t lost any of their spark with the guitar tone and vocal delivery being just as memorable as they have been through the past few record, with the aggressive chugging section throwing its weight around entirely. As the record moves on, ‘Antidote’ further heightens that anger more with the overall sound of the band coming through. Whilst the vocals don’t give off the same rage as the rest of the band possess, the lyrical notion provided keep that notion fly through, especially when Scott Vogel of Terror appears as a guest vocal spot. ‘Commas & Zeros’ keeps the energy moving with the more cleaner, yet gravelly, vocal section during the choruses add a new moment for the band as the record just keeps pushing the band higher up the totem pole.

Then going into ‘Break Out’, the instrumentation continues to be full of strong riffs and an ability to entice and capture you into the records capabilities. The guitar and bass compliment each other really well throughout the entire album and they even give you their classic quick paced track ‘Carried By Six’ that shows more of the agility and versatility of the drums more with the different patterns coming, especially with the fact that it follows a 6 bar pattern and 6/4 timing for the most part. The raw emotion can still be found with the palm muted madness that is ‘Lesson Learned’ that rounds itself with punchy riffs, but still keeps that loveable Deez Nuts flavour. The album might feel a bit daunting with the 13 tracks that are presented, but they are able to bring you something that feels like the band but give you something new within every track. ‘Hedonistic Wasteland’ has a very strong hardcore influence within it from front to back, with ‘Remedy’ feeling full on punk at points with its speed and gang vocals channeling through it, but gives off times for those breakdowns.

The band have struck gold with this new release and are still managing to push their boundaries even further in the hardcore genre with their unique and flavourful selection of tracks that are bestowed upon this record. There is a little something for everyone and it will always show off the fun and charismatic side of them.


Deez Nuts

Interview: Deez Nuts’ JJ Peters

After the end of their tour, we caught up with Deez Nuts‘ JJ Peters to see what’s going down in the Aussie band’s camp.

Firstly, you’ve just finished your tour with Comeback Kid and First Blood, how did it go?
It was amazing! It was the first of what we want to be an annual tour. The “You Are Part of This tour”.

It was an interesting line up, how did it come about?
Well the whole premise is touring with our friends, and not just the bands the booking agents and management are throwing at you.  Luckily for us, a lot of our good friends are in amazing bands. When thinking of the first edition, obviously you want it to be a banger right out the gate, so we needed strong co-headliner. CBK were perfect and first blood too. We’ve literally toured most places in the world with these bands.

You’ve got your new album ‘Binge & Purgatory’ coming out soon, are you looking forward to releasing it?
No. Just kidding, of course! Never been more proud to release something.

When you’re in the studio writing and recording, are there any rituals you have to keep focussed or do you just take it day by day?
No rituals. Just wake up, shower, head to studio, eat breakfast and talk about the plan for the day, maybe change something we were working on the day before then have a few drinks.

So, your two singles of your new album have had a very positive feedback from the public so far, how does this feel and does it make you more excited to release the whole album?
It makes me feel great, it’s all you can ask for really.  It makes me more excited to release the album definitely because even with those two singles. People are not going to expect what we’re putting out.

Are there any obvious influences in this album, like we know that you’ve recorded in NYC so can we expect a hint of NYHC in there?
I feel like Deez Nuts has always had nothing but a NYHC influence. In my eyes we’re a NYHC band. The drummer Alex and I are both born and raised NYC. But, in saying that, there’s a big tech metal influence from me and just bouncy and groovy. Some darker chord progressions, I’ve always been a fan of that too.

Going back to touring, you’re coming back to the UK soon with Suicide Silence and Venom Prison. Obviously you’re going to be excited, but what’s it like being on a tour where you’re notably different to the other bands playing?
We accept the challenge, and were looking forward to getting out of our comfort zone and hopefully grabbing some new fans. To be honest we’ve toured a lot with bands like Suicide Silence, Whitechapel etc and we don’t do as bad as one would think.

How are you going to make yourself stand out on that tour?

We aren’t going to do anything different than we already do. Just gonna go out there and do OUR thing.

For a long time Deez Nuts has been a band that’s promoted drinking, drug taking etc, so how does it feel that a lot of straight edge kids are fans?
It’s sick. I have people I consider family in my life that are straight edge. It really means nothing to us what someone else does, some people need to learn that. What WE eat don’t make YOU shit. Let everyone do whatever they want.

You’ve been a band for quite a while now and toured with countless other acts, what’s it like seeing bands that you used to tour with a lot like Bring Me The Horizon blowing up and changing their sound completely?
Bring Me has helped us tremendously in our career and we are still super tight and close with them. We LOVE seeing our friends do good. If you don’t, are you friends?

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had as being part of the band? Whether it’s releasing a certain album, touring, meeting someone etc?
Music and touring, it’s all memorable. From the bands we play with, to the bands we chill with this life is better than any dream I’ve had of it. I love the fact that I’m in a band that’s just steady releasing.

How many times have you partied like there’s no tomorrow? How many hotel rooms have you trashed together?
We party too hard a lot, I don’t even want to brag but other bands will tell you. We’ve never trashed hotel rooms… well maybe once.

Name 3 things that are unfuckwithable.

Pussy, money, and weed.


Huge thanks to JJ for taking the time out, we wish him and the rest of Deez Nuts the very best for the album release!

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