UK Tech Fest drops first announcement incl. The Black Dahlia Murder

The first announcement from UK Tech Fest is here and they are not messing around! The two UK exclusive so far come in the name of Obscura and The Black Dahlia Murder who will be no doubt bringing huge sets with them.

A few other solid bands to mention on this list are Slovenian death metal/slam band Within Destruction, UK metalcore up and comers Carcer City, USA death metal crushers Aborted, Rap-djent giants Hacktivist and technical metalcore solidifiers in Oceans Ate Alaska amongst many more.

You can check out the full line up below as well as listen to one of the exclusive bands, The Black Dahlia Murder, below!


XOTH – Invasion Of The Tentacle [REVIEW]

Bringing something thrashy, fuelled by death metal and has all the making of being a great album, XOTH have a new release out for the album ‘Invasion Of The Tentacle’ which blends many of your favourite artists from death metal and black metal together to bring something pretty solid.

The first track immediately sets the tone with the very striking intro. ‘Tentacles of Terror’ has the guitars beautifully reflect off each other with the lead and rhythm before the double bass of the drums comes through and gives you a powerful headbang section. The bass guitar comes through really nicely and follows parts of the guitar lead, giving a nice twang and boosts the overall sound up. Moving into a seemingly more black metal start with ‘Antediluvian Annihilation’, they just push their playing style further and it definitely rounds the record quite nicely. The drums unfortunately can sound a bit muddy and not as punchy as the rest of the band are able to push through, but for the longest song on the track it shows off some tasty solos and is one of the most enjoyable songs on the record.

The whole record goes on its own twists and turns throughout and all the tracks don’t try and overdo it on the time limit. Sure you have the 6+ minute tracks such as ‘Digital Mausoleum’, but they are able to capture your attention for the most part from start to finish. The only downside of this record is that some of it can start to feel a bit repetitive with the style of patterns that the band use. It’s gripping and fits to the nature of style, but they haven’t done TOO much in the way of experimentation. The album closer comes out of nowhere and brings a mystical and electronic end to the record whilst the middle of the album will definitely engross you in circle pits left right and centre.

This band does something great with the tracks that you will definitely want to hear them live once you listen to the record, but its not something you would find yourself coming back to after a few listens. Elegant, maddening, amazingly produced and a whole array of talent. Just a shame its not being utilised enough.