Adam Kills Eve – Of Time EP [REVIEW]

Alternative rock can go many different ways in its own specific genre. It can just be straight up riffs, it could flow into a more happy-go-lucky side with a positive sound, or it can invoke a lot of emotion with a more deeper meaningful blend of guitar work and vocals. In come Adam Kills Eve from Italy to help try and blur all those lines with their latest EP titled ‘Of Time’.

The intro and the outro, both with flowing names from one another, they help add a nice depth to both sides of the record. The build-in takes an acoustic and very climatic entrance to the record, fully getting you immersed right into the next song. The guitars work flawlessly together in ‘Rewind (The Dance Is Over)’ and it really pushes the rest of the instrumentation to flow that more stronger and sound very triumphant, bringing a heavier element and adding a nice touch with the screams.

In the meatiness of the record, you have five other tracks that are all fighting one another to make themselves known. They all have their own little signs of life whilst keeping that main element of being somewhat original. ‘The Snowglobe Forecast’ is a surefire highlight of getting you falling in line with the records enjoyable side, but with one track on the EP being mainly classed as somewhat filler and pretty skip-able 49 seconds of interlude, by the time ‘Tomorrow Is DOA’ rolls around you’re kinda of feeling a bit out of it. Luckily that track brings something monstrous with its guitar quality and brings you back into it.

From the start to finish, there are some bumps in that road. With that being said, AKE bring a lovely little bash of alternative rock prowess with a touch of post hardcore elements to bring something truly groundbreaking for the band themselves. If you need something new to listen to, some of these tracks are a good place to start.


Released: 19th October 2016
For Fans Of: Deaf Havana (older) / We Are The Ocean
Label: N/A

Adam Kills Eve Drop New Single ‘Autenti(city)’

Italian Rockers Adam Kills Eve have announced the release of latest single Autenti(city). The single comes from upcoming EP Of Time which the band will premier later this month. In regards to concepts surrounding their upcoming release, the band had the following to say :

“(It) delves deep into the contradictions of time perception and the non linearity of its own flow: from the teenage naivety homesickness to the need to not put to much hope in a future that is always too late to come. The truth stays is the middle, into the present.”

The video for the single is available below and the band also plan to tour Italy and Europe in the coming months.

Of Time is out on October 19th.