Hometruths – Open Your Eyes EP [REVIEW]

The metalcore and hardcore scene have some stages of overlapping, whether it be from their musical structure to specific sections and even right down to the fanbases who are of an open mind to accept many genres. Hometruths are looking to bridge that gap even further with a six track EP full of excitement, aggression and rival the bands above them.

As the intro of ‘Embers’ pounds through and gets you pumped, the first single from the release goes balls to the wall and gets you by the hair and puts you in one massive frenzy. Sounding like a mix between While She Sleeps and Stray From The Path, ‘Feral’ is one of those standout tracks that the artist have that will have a massive amount of replay value due to its sound and style. With seconds to get a mosh on to the bounciness that the guitar riff provides, the EP now screams of a massive upstart for the group and sets the stage for what they are capable of. ‘Divide’ has more of that aggressive metalcore taste within its walls and has a flavour of what Blood Youth possesses, the band are making yet another mark with an extra nice touch of melody thrown in parts for good measure. The last minute or so brings back that hardcore tendency with the finale sounding like a page was ripped out of the book of Code Orange and give off an unbridled amount of heavy quality to the record.

Vigilante’ for the most part sounds very much like a build up song, but then the whole band brings more of their A game with a change up in their speed and how they write their more technical standpoints. The guitar patterns in some places bring that vibe of more melodic hardcore such as rising stars in Ghost Key as the final two tracks ‘WMD’ and ‘Genocide’ proceeds to showcase more of the bands offerings. The former brings a lot more of a modern hardcore taste to the table throwing in quite a lot of punches in its approach whilst the closer of the EP starts off with a lot of bounce before throwing you into a spiral. That doesn’t mean in calms down in its aggression as there are plenty of parts to get a dance on to, but the bands capability of going outside of their box and produced something fun and exciting with a tinge of difference is always refreshing.

If you want a band that are only just starting out to make an impact on the UK music scene, Hometruths are going to be making a massive statement with this EP and the appetite to see what they bring live as well as on a larger musical will grow further. You best start getting your fix now.


Hometruths announce new EP ‘Open Your Eyes’, release new song

If you like your chaotic yet flavourful modern hardcore, then look no further than Manchester’s own Hometruths. Bringing you something in the vein of While She Sleeps and early Architects, the band plan to give you a new EP titled ‘Open Your Eyes‘ in March to make you feel somewhat nostalgic about the genres you love.

You can check out the first single ‘Feral‘ below to see what to expect!