Brandon Wildish – Other Side EP [REVIEW]

Breathing some strong life into indie pop and alternative acoustic music is Orange Country based singer-songwriter Brandon Wildish with his infectious new EP ‘Other Side’. Showing off a newer side to his creativity and helping him explore a new territory of his music, this new EP will bring a nice blend of acoustic ambience and infectious funk/pop moments.

With the first track being the highlight of the record, ‘Take What You Want’ is a masterclass in being diverse and showing off something different. It starts off like an arena rock track with the bass pedal being the metronome before the acoustic guitar and vocals take a rather psychedelic turn. It doesn’t stop there as it starts going into something as funky as disco music with a nice little spring in its step in the instrumentation. It is by far the top track to listen to for this four-track, but what does that say for the rest of the EP?

Whilst the rest of the record takes a nice summery tone with the rest of tracks, showing off bits of country/folk styling, it loses that original gripping power that the first song has and by comparison makes 75% of the record sound kind of flat. The songs are by no means terrible, in fact they all have their own likeable qualities, but with the way that the EP is laid out it seem to act like a sugar rush. It uses up all of its energy in the beginning and by the end of it you’re feeling very tired.

Brandon Wildish has brought a nice little EP for you all to listen to, bringing something exciting and compelling to its respective genre not just with his music, but his voice too. The layout might feel a bit perplexed, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a fun little listen.


Released: 21st October 2016
For Fans Of: The Who / Eagles
Label: Self-Release