Palisades – Self Titled

Known for their electronic/hardcore sound, Palisades have risen up the ranks in new music thanks to their ability to put together bangers and their partnership with Rise Records. Since their last release they’ve lost two members and gained just as many, with any line-up change this could damage or increase their chances of success. With the recent release of Palisades self titled album, and the past success of Mind Games and Outcasts, this album has a whole lot to live up to. The question we all want to know, is will it?

From the starting track Aggression, it’s clear that there is a change in the electronic influence present in these songs. Though the song is nothing short of strong, it’s taking things in a slightly different direction than that we’ve all come to know and love from Palisades. The new members here are instantly recognizable with the electronic element still present but taking a different turn and the backing vocals following suit. Fall is this albums stand out track, with a kicker of a chorus (get ready to be singing this for the rest of day) this track is big. Melodic guitar work drives this track, whilst the quiet almost ambient verses provide a break from this and allow us to focus solely on the vocals, which impress.

Let Down brings out more of the electronic element of Palisades and again has a fantastic chorus. “You’re a let down, let down” will be shouted to the ceilings at live shows and one can only imagine how impressive that will sound. Through Hell demonstrates the heavier side of Palisades, with roaring uncleans and chugging guitars it’s time to join the pits for this one. The breakdown in this song really helps move the album out of it’s comfortable pace so get ready to headbang. Personal ends things on a high note, it’s infectiously catchy and bound to be a huge hit at the live shows. Whilst the track itself is personal, the manner in which it is delivered is such that it’s coated in pop, which makes it very easy to listen to and radio-friendly.

Standing back to observe, this album leans heavily towards hardcore/electronicore mixed with pop but has stepped back from the happy infectious electronic sound that made Palisades so instantly recognizable. Whilst it’s sure to bring in new fans and keep old ones, the album does little to explore new ground, once setting the pace with the first few tracks it tends to deviate very little from the path.


Palisades announce new US headline dates

Palisades have announced more US headline tour dates following the first part of their Fall Tour in Europe, which they are titling Fall Tour Pt Two.

The band will be supported by SylarBlindwish and Artwork so should make a seriously good run of shows, so go check it out.

The tour comes ahead of the release of their upcoming record Palisades, due out on 20th January on Rise, which you can preorder here.

Buy your tickets for the tour over at their site and see the date poster below:

palisades fall tour part two