Patent Pending Release Video For ‘Wasted/Wake Me Up’

Having just released a cover album titled Other People’s Greatest Hits, which is full of their takes on huge songs from other genres. Patent Pending have just dropped a video for their cover/mashup of Tiesto‘s Wasted mixed with Avicii‘s Wake Me Up. The video shows frontman Joe Ragosta in a bedroom covered in paint and through use of a boomerang-like effect with back and forth camera footage, the video shows how this situation arose. Check out the video below:

Of the thought process behind the idea, Ragosta had the following to say:

It’s very common and very easy for people to overlook EDM music. We wanted to make these two songs rock so people who would much prefer rock to EDM could hear these tremendous melodies and catchy sing along parts it in a more familiar way.”

Patent Pending – Other People’s Greatest Hits [TRACK BY TRACK]

For those who just can’t wait to get their hands on some fancy new covers from the lovable Patent Pending, the band’s vocalist Joe hse gone through their album track by track to show you why they picked each song they did! You can read all about it below and pick up the album on May 26th!

Wasted/Wake Me Up – originally by Tiesto / Avicii: After hearing the original version of Wasted by Tiesto I had it stuck in my head for weeks. The chorus is such a great sing along with an incredible melody. Wake Me Up has been one of my all time favourite songs since the day that I heard it. We thought it would be fun to mash up songs done by DJs. It was a weird idea when we first thought of it, but we love the result. The two songs just complement each other really well. It’s very common and very easy for people to overlook EDM music. We wanted to make these two songs rock so people who would much prefer rock to EDM could hear these tremendous melodies and catchy sing along parts it in a more familiar way.

Spice Up Your Life – originally by Spice Girls: As soon as we decided to do this project we knew wanted to do a Spice Girls song. We all grew up loving them. We actually had a copy of the movie in our old tour bus that we used to watch on repeat at one point. Other than our love for The Spice Girls we also wanted to do one of their songs because they truly represent girl power. In times like these where women are being treated terribly and there is turmoil both with our new government here in the USA and many other places around the world, I think we could all use a little more Girl Power. While listening to The Spice Girls catalogue to decide on a song to do we noticed that Spice Up Your Life is a really heavy song musically! Kind of reminded us of a My Chemical Romance vibe. It turns out that if you switch the synths for guitars and make the song a little angrier you get the gnarliest and probably heaviest Patent Pending recording of all time. This song was one of my favourite recording sessions of my entire life.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – originally by The Four Seasons: This has always been one of my favourite songs! I grew up listening to The Four Seasons and I’m also a huge fan of the movie “10 Things I Hate About You,” along with the classic scene where Heath Ledger serenades Julia Styles! The original version of this song has a real punk rock spirit to it because the structure is bizarre and doesn’t make any sense – such a weird song in and of its self. Patent Pending has always been an oddball band and I think our version of this song really speaks to our overall character as musicians.

Never Gonna Give You Up – originally by Rick Astley: RICK ASTLEY! This is one of the first songs that I ever knew all of the words to. My parents were obsessed with it so it was just always on. Fast forward 15 years and you’ll know that it’s one of the songs that we would do for our “Same Song 100 Times In A Row Challenge” on long rides in our van to shows. We also used to prank phone call people and sing this song as a group when we were bored on the road. We must have heard and sang this song as a group over 1000 times at this point. This cover was inevitably going to happen at one point or another. Also, RICK ASTLEY! He’s amazing! My dream is to take our version and do a shot for shot remake of his original music video. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do. It’s the perfect microcosm of what 80’s pop music was all about.

Shout Out To My Ex – originally by Little Mix: Confession: Before we started this cover album project none of us had ever heard of the group Little Mix. Needless to say we have since heard of them, fallen in love and covered one of their hits for our album. We were having trouble with the last song selection when I was on the phone with our friends in the UK rock band “Boy Jumps Ship” talking about our upcoming tour. We started talking about the album and how we were having trouble picking a final song when all four of them shouted “SHOUT OUT TO MY EX” in unison. I had no idea what they were talking about. We listened to the song and by the end of the first chorus we were in love with it. The melodies are awesome and the attitude is reminiscent of early 2000’s pop-punk to me. They did something fun and ambitious and perfected the art of telling an ex to fuck-off. This song is a belter for sure.

Livin’ La Vida Loca – originally by Ricky Martin: This song is awesome. Plain and simple. It has always reminded me of a ska-punk song with less distortion. It just moves and the minor tone gives it a cool feel. We were excited to cover this song. Ricky Martin is a badass dude!

All Time Low – originally by Jon Bellion: Of all the songs we chose for this cover album, this one has to be the oddest choice. The original performer, Jon Bellion, is the only artist in the bunch that isn’t an internationally known act (yet) and it’s the only song that has yet to be a massive international hit by the original performer. This song is near and dear to my heart and a choice that I fought for due to a couple of different reasons. One: It’s an incredible song! I became obsessed with the original version the first time I heard it! It’s a fresh and innovative take on modern pop music and I was floored by the melodies and production choices. Two: He’s a hometown hero! He grew up and went to high school no more than 10 minutes away from our home base on Long Island, New York and it makes us so proud to see our hometown musicians innovating the way music is being made on a major label scale. Three: I got a chance to see him perform for the first time just as this project started to take shape for us and no joke, he’s one of the top 5 best performers I’ve ever seen in my life. This cover is definitely a tribute to Jon Bellion’s genius and inspiring musical abilities.

Mr Brightside – originally by The Killers: This song has always been a favourite of all of ours. The Killers are one of the last true rock bands out nowadays. No nonsense, just catchy and gritty indie-rock music. It’s almost impossible to hear the original version of this song and not have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. We put a slightly heavier spin on it and it was a blast to record.

Shape Of You – originally by Ed Sheeran: Say what you will about Ed Sheeran, but I’ve been a huge fan of his music since 2011. We thought it would be cool to put a bit of a rock spin on this pop jam that is breaking records on radio and streaming sites every single day.  Huge fan of his song writing process and the approach that he takes to touring and releasing music. This was a fun one to record for sure.

See You Again – originally by Miley Cyrus: MILEY CYRUS, DAMN IT! This song was our jam in our tour van back in 2007. It always sounded like a pop-punk song to us. Reminiscent of Good Charlotte circa the Good Morning Revival era, this song has always had a “Fuck Yeah” vibe to it.

Patent Pending announce covers album ‘Other People’s Greatest Hits’

As they get ready to hit the UK for their Spring Break Tour, Patent Pending have announced that they have a new cover album, titled ‘Other People’s Greatest Hits’, ready for fans to get down with their bad self. With the album set for a May 26th release, it’ll be interesting to see what they decided to lay down on physical format instead of live performances.

Check out the first song released ‘Spice Up Your Life‘ below!

Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending discusses their latest tour, Geordies and Disney’s Frozen

Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending had a chat with us about their current UK tour promoting their latest album.


So this is your first time playing York right?

Yeah it really is, so the rest of this tour tickets were crazy, everything was great. Then they were like, “we’re going to York!” and I was like, “Why are we going to York?”

Not because I didn’t want to come to York but because we’re playing four cities that engulf York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool that all people from York would go to. The other day there were almost no tickets sold at all and then we played Leeds and I told some jokes about how people should go to York and it seems like some people came so that’s good. But the rest of the tour’s been great then today I got to see York, I love it, it looks awesome, I had some fudge it was great.

How’s the tour been so far?

The tour’s been great, every day has been awesome. The tours have been insane and the people have been great, we’re just having a great time. The weathers been good and the foods been good, I haven’t eaten something I didn’t like yet – which is shocking.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to the UK?

Other than the shows, ‘cause I think the shows are the best, Wagamamas and Primark.

You guys are always bringing out more music, do you ever rest?

No. And now that I have a kid, I never rest ever. That’s what our new single ‘Six Feet’ is about, the decision to not rest.

If you do ever get time to relax, what do you do?

I watch TV, I watch a lot of TV when I can.

I bet you watch a lot of kids TV now.

I know every single episode of Sophia The First, I know every word to frozen and I’ll tell you the truth – both great watching, I love ‘em both. Frozen I love and Sophia the First is a really good show actually, there’s some levels to that shit I’m telling you.

What are your plans for the future then, are you just gonna keep going after the tour?

Yeah, so we go home for a couple days and I will be going down to Nashville to write songs for other people too. So yeah I’m going to Nashville to work with some country artists. It’s an awesome place, I love it there. Then I’ll come back and keep plugging away with Patent Pending, never stop writing, never stop playing. But mainly dad stuff is my immediate plan, my kid broke her leg this week when I was away which is the worst. But other than that everything is great.

Wow, you seriously never rest.

No, I was just thinking about that as you said it, the only time I get to sleep is on tour. My favourite part about going on tour is that I get to go to sleep. I get to sleep at least eight hours a night if I’m disciplined about it which is great.

So apparently Boy Jumps Ship think you look like a Mexican Soccer dad?

 The amazing thing about them is that I don’t think they believe me that I was the one who found them on the internet and I wanted them to come on this tour. I think that they think somebody else did that, it was me. I keep looking up stuff about them on the internet that they don’t think I know and then just kind of putting in on their conversations and I think it’s hilarious. But then last night, Gav, I call him the governor, has a hat that he wears and he looks like a G, but when I wear it, I just look like a Mexican soccer dad.

Have there been some accent boundaries with them?

Yeah man, they’re Geordie so nothing they say makes sense. It doesn’t make any sense, like they say “toon toon” which means we’re going out, that’s not a sentence it’s a collection of letters said twice. That’s all that is. But it’s been great having them, they’re great guys, an awesome band and I love messing with their singer ‘cause he’s very shy. He’s like *in a British accent*“I’m very talented but I’m shy.”

That was a terrible Geordie accent.

It wasn’t a Geordie accent it was a Si accent so shut up. 


Check out Patent Pending’s new single Six Feet below and grab their album Riot Hearts Rebellion here.

LIVE REVIEW: Patent Pending, The Duchess York, 15.04.16

Local York band On the Ropes appeared at The Duchess calm and professionally, showing they clearly felt at home on stage. They started their performance as a burst of energy. Wherever the audience looked, they were treated to a lively show from all five guys. Despite some technical difficulties with the sound, OTR remained proficient throughout their set and delivered an entertaining half an hour for the early crowd. The band had a patent modern punk-pop sound with vocals from front man Jonny Gill notably standing out, without taking anything away from the rest of the band who accompanied him very well. The guys delivered a vibrant performance with hints of A Day to Remember meets The Story So Far.



Boy Jumps Ship were the perfect opening band for Patent Pending producing a wall of sound from the outset of their performance. It was like a master class in how to play Alternative Rock live. Playing songs from their upcoming album as well as older more familiar tracks, BJS gave a humble, honest show, conveying that they are set to be around for a long time to come. It was fantastic to see a band that were clearly having fun and enjoying being able to share their music with the crowd. The crowd were set alight as Joe Ragosta from PP joined them on stage to perform along-side them. Although their recorded songs are brilliant, there was something more authentic and raw about hearing them live. BJS were a complete pleasure to watch and if this gig was anything to go by, they are going to keep growing and become a huge name in live performance.


Energy energy energy. That is the most obvious word to describe Patent Pending’s show. The band were extremely committed to giving a lively set full of momentum. Guitars, drums and vocals were all on point demonstrating the years of experience that they have. The band sounded a little grittier and slightly heavier than they do in their recorded tracks, but it worked flawlessly. Joe knew exactly how to get the crowd involved and vamped up by telling jokes and stories; even though he barely spoke as they played the first four songs back to back giving everyone a non-stop pop-punk party.

Before playing their new single, Six Feet – which went down a storm – Joe had a crowd surfing race with his brother. The guys entered the middle of the crowd and on the count of three jumped up and surfed to the stage, it was close but Joe just pinched the win. After an energy packed show, things slowed down as Joe spoke about how he was missing his daughter who had just broke her leg which lead into the crowd chanting her name, “Everly”. This was followed by Joe performing a solo version ofSpin Me Around. This stripped back song with Joe presenting it so sincerely created a perfect dynamic to the set.

Toward the end of the show, Joe gave a heartfelt speech about his own personal experience with depression that ended with inspiring words of how you shouldn’t let anything, especially yourself, get in the way of achieving your dreams. The audience roared with applause into Until the Sun Comes Up. After the audience requesting it all night, PP ended on a massive high withHey Mario sending the crowd crazy and leaving them wanting more. Despite it being a more intimate show compared to the rest of the tour, the band did an excellent job of creating an incredible atmosphere that remained through-out the night.