Frank Iero and the Patience – Parachutes

Following the name change of the band from the cellabration to the Patience, many fans of the band have been a bit stumped as to what the new name for the group will mean for the music. If Parachutes is anything to go by, it means it’s a step up in the punky and downright angsty feel to the tracks.

The record opens with World Destroyer, holding a colossal build-up riff before alternating calm and storm passages before the melodic hardcore chorus comes in. In a sense, it seems like this record may be a mix of Leathermouth with the previous material we know from this band. The emotion seems to be less restrained somehow as the piece seems fuller than most on Stomachaches. The second track, titled Veins! Veins!! Veins!!! seems to have an air of the more theatrical My Chemical Romance days about it especially in the lead vocals, not to mention the screamed or layered backing vocals in different sections.

On the flipside of the delving into more hardcore influences comes They Wanted Darkness which for the first half sits as a well-written, emotional alt rock track before it dissolves into the punky chaos that is coming to characterise this album so well. This is furthered with I’ll Let You Down, which has a similar composition except this time the chaos is more controlled and seems to only be Frank’s vocals that lose the restrained feel until right at the end where it all dissolves again.

As with the musical style, the vocal style varies a lot throughout Parachutes. Often it is at odds with the music in terms of a melodic vocal on a punky instrumental or vice versa, but this builds the feel of the album. A good album has traces of the same vocal style behind all of the varied vocals and Frank Iero has definitely got that covered throughout.

There are so many standout tracks on the record, so much so that it would be impossible to pick a couple to name. The styles are so diverse and The Patience seem to have a pretty perfect mastery over everything they’ve included on the record. The only thing any track has over another is the fact the pre-album releases seem to be more bold than the rest of the songs in terms of lyrics, but that is the only noticeable difference between many of them.

Overall, Parachutes is a pretty stunning album. The Patience seem to have been reborn with the more band-centred writing than the first record, and it suits them perfectly. With a blend of country, hardcore, roots punk and alt rock influences, this release acts as a fusion and indicates a real confidence in where they are now and where they see themselves in the future.

Sidenote: As you’re most likely aware, the band were involved in a pretty serious incident last week involving a lorry crashing into their van. If you enjoy this album when you have a listen on Spotify or YouTube, please spare the few pounds/dollars if you can to support The Patience, they need your support more now than ever.