Holding Absence premier new single Penance

There is a new single from Holding Absence!

The new song Penance follows their stunning Download last week and sees the band continue their development as one of the most exciting new post-hardcore bands, despite only having two other songs to their name.

Listen to the new song here. Penance is released via Sharp Tone Records.

If you enjoy Penance, then it really is only 5 more minutes of your time to listen to Holding Absence‘s other tunes, Dream Of Me and Permanent, you really won’t regret it.

Holding Absence release ‘Permanent’ single with music video!

Holding Absence are a metal band from South Wales well known around the gig scene in cities like Cardiff and Swansea. The band are beginning to take things to the next level with a visceral new single called Permanent.

The track comes with a band focused music video with eerie camera work to match the haunting melodies present in the song. It released as a partnership between Dreambound (a promotion organization central to melodic metal) and Dream Atlantic Records. This points to an exciting future relationship with the label.