Blastfest pull Peste Noire from festival citing political pressure

Blastfest have had an ultimatum to deal with regarding one of their bands Peste Noire. With political backlash towards the band and the festival, they either had to drop the band or cancel the festival. They have chosen the former. You can read the statement below regarding this.

“As much as we love the brilliant music of Peste Noire, and how much we have stated that we are a musical platform, and no politics are involved in our concept, the amount of political focus created due to this booking, is badly affecting our existence. Our partners have been pushed very hard, and we now reached the point where we had to decide to stand by our choice, and ultimately cancel the whole festival, or cancel Peste Noire. So, we will keep going, creating a great metalfest for all metalheads, unfortunately without Peste Noire.”

Finnish band Horna have decided to drop out of the festival as well due to this. You can check out the rest of the lineup below!