The Dollyrots Are Set To Release New Album

Los Angeles based The Dollyrots over the past few years have been pumping out music and shows since 2014’s Barefoot and Pregnant, but the band are now set to release their sixth studio album Whiplash Splash. The album is pinned for release on March 24th and is set to be a great addition to the bands catalog and with a US tour already announced, there are opes for a UK tour also. The album is available for pre-order through their PledgeMusic campaign.

While She Sleeps have reached their PledgeMusic goal!

Their total has been growing ever steadily since they started their PledgeMusic goal. Now, the band have finally reached their target goal in just 27 days! You can check out While She Sleeps‘ Facebook status, as well as a video regarding the issue, by clicking HERE. You can listen to one of their new songs ‘Civil Isolation‘ below to get a feel of what the new album might be like!

The band still has their PledgeMusic open to fans. If you wanted to still donate to what will be a great album, click HERE for more information.