Bloodstock announce Friday headliner, other bands

In preparation for the full lineup, Bloodstock Festival have released the names of some of the bands hitting up the 2017 instalment.

Among them are Friday headliners Amon Amarth and their support Blind Guardian. The latter of the pair have the festival down as their only UK show this year, so definitely a good reason to go.

Elsewhere in the announcement were Hatebreed, TestamentPossessedHell and Whitechapel.

See the latest poster below and get tickets here.

bloodstock announcement 2017

A History Of Metal – Death Metal

Death Metal is one of the best known genres of Extreme Metal. Typically using heavily distorted, low-tuned guitars and played with styles such as palm-muting and tremolo picking. The vocals tend to be deeper than Black Metal, which is typically more wretched in style and employ guttural techniques. The drumming often features double-kick pedal use or blast beats, minor keys and atonality are also seen within a lot of Death Metal’s approach. Chromatic chord progressions and sudden time changes are also a regular feature for the genre. The lyrical themes of Death Metal are often horror inspired and quite bloodied imagery but can also be political. Read more