Omnisight – Power Of One [EP]

Right from the first listen, Vancouver prog metallers Omnisight share the classic sound of their metal predecessors such as Black SabbathDream Theater, etc. Opening with Shift The ParadigmPower Of One is an insanely powerful EP full of riff based melodies, harmonies, and intriguing patterns. The guitar solo in Shift The Paradigm is worthy of the most legendary of guitarists. It is interesting to listen to, musically complex, and immediately afterwards, Omnisight has a slower verse in comparison to the rest of the track.

After the very melodic introduction to Power Of OneOmnisight get heavier with Resistance. More musically complicated than the previous track, Resistance uses different rhythms throughout the track, switching from different time signatures as is typical of prog metal.

Seven Sisters follows along the same vein as Resistance, but having two similar tracks next to each other in the track listing make the listener switch off a little bit. Seven Sisters gradually speeds up throughout sections, and it would be interesting to see how Omnisight pull this off in a live performance. Power Of One is an EP which shows their immense musical talent.

The penultimate track, Fall Of The Empire, is a 7 minute instrumental track which starts off with a broken chord introduction, played on acoustic guitars with effects added to make an eery sound, before the introduction of the electric guitars, bass and drums, which play a completely different riff. By 2 minutes in, the listener hasn’t realised that the time has passed, because of the introduction of different melodies for different sections. This variation in the track keeps the listener interested, and is totally typical of prog metal. Some of the themes are repeated throughout the track, keeping the listener hooked. There is even some clean electric guitar in this track!

The final track, Power Of One is another 7 minute track. However, at around the two minute mark, lyrics come in. Having two long tracks next to each other is probably not a good idea for the listener, the only thing that stops the listener giving up on this track is the changing sections, and the different feel of the track.

Perhaps a reshuffle of the track listing would make this EP shine the way it deserves.


Omnisight release EP ‘Power Of One’

Omnisight, the four piece metal core group from Vancouver, have released their latest EP Power Of One.

“The Power Of One is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders. Guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists will all have something in-store for them here with this EP. We are excited to get this out to the prog/rock/metal masses both musically and lyrically. Speaking of lyrically, the album will come with a PDF booklet exclusive to our Bandcamp supporters. We took a “more is more” approach with this one and it will be a real challenge, but a welcome challenge; to take it to the stage. A local Vancouver EP release party/show is in the works and TBA. We want to keep the musicianship in the music, that has been our agenda since day one!” – Drummer Chris Warunki