Construct- The Deity – Review

The Deity, is the debut album by Stoke-On-Trent based Progressive Metal outfit Construct. For a band who only started in 2015 they have taken massive strides from small stages to supporting names like Tussk. During the early part of this year the band began to record The Deity with it’s release planned for the first quarter of 2017, on Saturday the 4th of February.

Opening this debut album is the track When Conscience Calls. The track starts with a carefully constructed riff which brings you in the album at a comfortable pace before the tracks fully develops in to the fast paced track that it is. When Conscience Calls is a great way for this album to begin as it not only sets some form of precedent for the rest of the 10 tracks that remain but also it shows the massively juxtaposing vocal ability which is present with the band.

Following on from this opener are the tracks Coalescence and The Molecular Level two tracks that in some ways completely parallel one another, despite there being the same mix of vocals which are somewhat consistent to the end of the album run time.  Alongside the consistent vocals the juxtaposing instrumentation is something that also sticks out as despite the heavier riffs that move in to the body of The Molecular Level the slower intro adds an extra element to the song which is missing from Coalescence.

The next four tracks seem to fly by within a wink of an eye but each track comes with its own highlight that stays memorable. In Justify The Means this beginning riff that starts the track and re-appears in the chorus almost gets stuck in the head with it’s pattern and power. During Devil Inside the extremely energetic instrumentation makes it one of the fastest songs on the album and one that with use of both vocals makes it a track worth re-listening to.

Reflection is possibly the most memorable of these four for its middle section where the delicate vocals are matched with a softer instrumental before the tracks solo and eventual drop back in to the track which nearly made it the strongest track on this album. Whole Again is the final of these four and with its carefully placed harmonies this yet again sticks in the mind as a track to re-listen to for those alone despite the strength of the track itself.

The weakest track on this album is what follows. Riding Through although it has its merits through the blistering guitars and drums the track still seems to fall short despite these parts. Overall there just to be something missing from the track which is present in the others whether it is some form of coherency or the fact that solos appear to be somewhat misplaced.

On the next two tracks however Construct completely redeem the album as Opposing Force and title track The Deity pick up the ball again and get it rolling toward the ending of the album. In opposing force the juxtaposition between the instrumentation and the vocals is what makes it stand out so prevalently. With The Deity it’s the tracks ending, with its soft instrumentation and complimentary vocals, it perfectly brings the album to the final track.

The final track of this debut, Forgotten, is by far the strongest on the entire album. As it is not only the most complex instrumentally but on top of that the song presents the most memorable vocal parts, although not being present through most of the track when they are there, they are perfectly placed and add to the tracks feel. Overall Forgotten is possibly the ending this album needed with how it ties the ending down correctly. Even if it feels not as energetic as other songs on the album do. [6.5/10]

Martin Turner (ex-Wishbone Ash) talks about upcoming tour.

If you’re excited about the upcoming tour that Martin Turner has planned for the end of the month, then you should be! He has released a YouTube video giving off a few small details regarding the upcoming dates which includes mentioning playing songs from Wishbone Ash! You can check out the video below for more info!

Date                           Town                          Venue

Nov 2nd, Wed             Bilston                       Robin 2 

Nov 4th, Fri                 Bathgate                    Dreadnought Rock 

Nov 5th, Sat                Aberdeen                  Krakatoa 

Nov 6th, Sun              Carlisle                      Old Fire Station 

Nov 10th , Thurs        Bristol                                    The Tunnels 

Nov 11th, Fri               Dartmouth                 The Flavel 

Nov 12th, Sat             Great Torrington      Plough Arts Centre 

Nov 13th, Sun            Penzance                  Acorn 

Nov 16th, Weds         Worthing                    Pier 

Nov 17th, Thurs         Dagenham               Roundhouse 

Nov 18th, Fri               Deal                           Astor

Nov 19th Sat              Farncombe               Music Club 

Nov 22nd, Tues         Bromsgrove              Artrix 

Nov 24th, Thurs         Southport                  The Atkinson 

Nov 25th, Fri               Grimsby                     Yardbirds 

Nov 26th, Sat             Doncaster                 Leopard  

Dec 1st, Thurs           Twickenham             Eel Pie Club 

Dec 3rd,  Sat              Porthcawl                  Planet Rockstock 

Dec 10th, Sat            Leicester                   Y Theatre

A Sense Of Gravity release new song ‘Shadowed Lines’

Bringing a nice strong prog sound before their album release is USA six-piece A Sense Of Gravity bring a very anthem-like single to you. ‘Shadowed Lines‘ adds a very atmospheric ambience at the beginning of track before going full on Symphony X/Dream Theater right at your feet! Check out the track below.

Their new album ‘Atrament‘ will be released on November 18th

Katatonia plan 10th anniversary release of ‘The Great Cold Distance’

With the Katatonia album ‘The Great Cold Distance‘ about to hit its 10 year anniversary, it’s only right that they made a 10th anniversary release plan for the record. They are going to be releasing a 4CD deluxe edition which includes bonus tracks and their live show in Bulgaria. You can pre-order the physical copies HERE as well as listen to a song from the album below!

Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress announced for Be Prog

It’s a new day for Be Prog! My Friend as they have now announced a very exclusive act playing. Just announced to play the festival are Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, who will be playing a selective set of songs dubbed the ‘Twelve Step Suite‘ as well as a few other Dream Theater songs Mike has written lyrics too. You can check out one of those songs below as well as the current lineup for the festival!


Jupiter Hollow announce new EP ‘Odyssey’

Bringing some strong prog influence to your evening is Toronto based duo Jupiter Hollow. Being a prelude to their planned full length ‘AHDOMN‘, the two have announced that they will be releasing an EP titled ‘Odyssey‘ which will no doubt keep fans tied over until the full length. You can also check out their music video for ‘Hades Heart‘ below, which will feature on the EP.

They will be releasing their new EP on January 13th via Milagro Records Inc.

Tactus Premiere new song ‘Goliath’

Prog-Metallers Tactus have recently premiered the video for new track Goliath. The track comes from the bands latest record Bending Light. The record, produced by Jamie King (Between The Buried In Me, Paradise Lost, Scale The Summit) follows EP’s ins(T)rumental (2015) and T (2014). Regarding the new track the band had the following to say :

“Goliath is one of the longest song’s we’ve ever written, and it actually went through the most iterations and re-writes of any song on the album. We think it captures some of the more progressive spirit of Bending Light, and is a great reflection of the directions in which we want to push our music in the future. We were beyond honored to have incredible guitarist and our good friend Didier Archambault of Cardinals Pride put the cherry on top with the first guitar solo on the track.”

Bending Light is out now.

Exist Immortal – Breathe [REVIEW]

Bringing something more flavourful and progressive within its metalcore web, Exist Immortal have touched down with their newest album ‘Breathe’ which showcases so much that this London quintet have up their sleeves. For five years this band have being going from strength to strength, releasing singles here and a mini album there to keep you salivating and wanting more. Now we reach 2016 and you get to hear the culmination of everything they’ve worked hard for put into something that will give even the bands that are able to sell out academy-sized venues a run for their money.

Right out of the gate, you’re treated to something majestic mixed with something that absolutely breaks down walls with ‘Saviour’. The immediate bounce from the rhythm gives you something bass heavy right into the foreground with the track to progressing into a completely different riff structure and gives Meyrick de la Fuente that more treble-edged side to bring something ear-catching with his cleans. With the album progressing showing off more and more experiments and instrumentation magnificence, tracks like ’In Hindsight’ give this sense of everlasting beauty in its lead guitar whilst the rhythm underlining bass tone elevates this tenfold. The choruses as well bring out the best in Meyrick’s cleans, giving the tracks that extra positive brightness.

Each song gives its own individuality whether it be with thrash guitars punching you from all sides to just sounding like a huge prog metal track, with each tracks structure you get a feeling that one by one, the album takes you to a separate island for each song and gives you a lovely guided tour of what is beautiful within its world. ‘Erode’ especially is a highlight on the record just because of the fact that its not trying hard to be outlandish and feel like the members hands are moving faster than their eyes can catch up with. The track has a certain ‘mainstream’ quality within its walls with the fairly upbeat chord progressions heavily thanked by the guitar lead accentuating each transition.

A weird side note, that is just a mere coincidence, is that near enough half of the songs start and finish in around the same time. Not that it’s a major criticism, but quite a few of these songs felt like they could have been drastically altered in time. The song ‘Release’ for example has one of the most graceful clean lead sections out of the entire record and with the whole song gets laid out, you feel like you want to experience it just a few minutes more and bathe in its glory. On the other spectrum, ‘Breathe’ has its moments where you feel it kinda goes out of its way to be a bit of a longer song. The Chon-esque guitar at the beginning adding to the more technicality of the band is such a nice touch, but the breakdown at the end feels somewhat forced and kinda takes away from what the song seems to get across.

From start to finish, Exist Immortal bring an amazing sound and likability to them with a veritable smorgasbord of songs and sections to make even the most stubborn of prog/djent fans shed a small tear of joy. Whilst it may not be the ‘perfect’ progressive record, these five gentlemen have set a high standard for people to reach, even for the more veteran acts.


Released: October 28th 2016
For Fans Of: Tesseract / Periphery / After The Burial
Label: Primordial Records