Be Prog! My Friend festival announce Devin Townsend Project, Leprous & Jardín de la Croix

Be Prog! My Friend Festival  have announced the amazing Devin Townsend Project, Leprous and Jardín de la Croix to complete their 2017 line up.


Be Prog! My Friend festival  is a showcase of the world’s best progressive bands, in previous years they have hosted bands such as Opeth, Steven Wilson, Anathema, TesseracT, The Pineapple Thief, Magma, Agent Fresco, Camel, Meshuggah, Katatonia, Riverside, Ihsahn and Alcest. 



The complete line-up for Be Prog! My Friend 2017 is:




Pick up your tickets at the following link:


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Albums 2016

Musicology: Our Team’s Top Albums of 2016

It’s come to that time of year again when we’re thinking about our top dogs of 2016, so here are the Musicology team’s top albums of the year (yes, there are quite a few repeats which show how good some of them are!).

Joshua Palmer – Writer

1) RenouncedTheories Of Despair
2) ExpireWith Regret
3) CaseyLove Is Not Enough
4) Angel Du$tRock The Fuck On Forever
5) Like PacificDistant Like You Asked
6) Silent PlanetEverything Was Sound
7) Cruel HandYour World Won’t Listen
8) Church TongueHeart Failure
9) DeparturesDeath Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Live
10) Hotel BooksRun Wild, Stay Alive

Sam Preece – Writer

1) Waterparks – Double Dare
2) Simple PlanTaking One For The Team 
3) Sia – This Is Acting
4) Good Charlotte – Youth Authority
5) A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations
6) Cane Hill – Smile

Tom Martin – Writer/Editor

1) Boston Manor – Be Nothing.
2) Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
3) Trophy EyesChemical Miracle
4) ColumbusSpring Forever
5) Trash BoatNothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through
6) BasementPromise Everything
7) Knocked LooseLaugh Tracks
8) letlive.If I’m The Devil…
9) Luke RainsfordI’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be
10) Touche AmoreStage Four

Fiona Stephens – Writer

1) Blackberry SmokeLike An Arrow
2) The Pretty RecklessWho You Selling For
3) Green DayRevolution Radio
4) Lucid FlyBuilding Castles In The Air
5) Circle Of DustMachines Of Our Disgrace

Nathan Heffernan – Photographer

1) Knocked LooseLaugh Tracks
2) Luke RainsfordI’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be
3) NOFXFirst Ditch Effort
4) Trash BoatNothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through
5) Boston ManorBe Nothing.
6) CaseyLove Is Not Enough
7) BasementPromise Everything
8) blink-182California
9) Tiny Moving PartsCelebrate
10) GiantsBreak The Cycle

James Leese – Writer

1) TotorroCome To Mexico
2) The 1975I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
3) The HotelierGoodness
4) Tiny Moving PartsCelebrate
5) Childish GambinoAwaken My Love
6) Slaughter Beach, DogWelcome
7) Modern BaseballHoly Ghost
8) BadBadNotGood IV
9) Old GraySlow Burn
10) Luke RainsfordI’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be

Jade Falconer – Photographer/Site Supervisor

1) Bring Me The HorizonLive At Royal Albert Hall
2) Hands Like HousesDissonants
3) Asking Alexandria – The Black
4) Panic! At The Disco – Death of a Bachelor
5) The Amity Affliction – This Could Be Heartbreak
6) Issues – Headspace

Luke Davies – Web Developer

1) Issues – Headspace
2) Memphis May Fire – This Light I Hold

Bradley Cassidy – Writer

1) Gojira – Magma
2) The Dillinger Escape PlanDissociation
3) BrujeriaPocho Azitan
4) Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us
5) KoRn – The Serenity Of Suffering
6) Metallica Hardwired … To Self Destruct
7) Abbath Abbath
8) Ihsahn Arktia
9) Rob ZombieThe Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
10)  KvelertakNatterfed

Eddie Sims – Writer

1) Touche Amore – Stage Four
2) Napoleon – Newborn Mind
3) Trade Wind – You Make Everything Disappear
4) Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional
5) Broken Teeth – At Peace Amongst Chaos
6) Knocked Loose – Laugh Tracks
7) Heck – Instructions
8) Killswitch Engage – Incarnation
9) Desolated – The End
10) Forty Winters Rotting Empire

James Maddern – Writer

1) With ConfidenceBetter Weather
 2) WaterparksDouble Dare
3) Hands Like HousesDissonants
4) Sum 4113 Voices
5) A Loss For Words – Crises
6) I PrevailLifelines
7) Moose BloodBlush
8) Milk TeethVile Child
9) This Wild Life – Low Tides
10) Luke RainsfordI’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be

 Daniel Curzon – Editor

1) Knocked LooseLaugh Tracks
2) Broken TeethAt Peace Amongst Chaos
3) ExpireWith Regret
4) Guilt TripWeight of Abjection
5) Trophy EyesChemical Miracle
6) DesolatedThe End
7) SkeptaKonnichiwa
8) Cold Hard TruthTruthgetta
9) Craig DavidFollowing My Intuition
10) Trash BoatNothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through

CBP Bronze

Crippled Black Phoenix – Bronze

Opener Dead Imperial Bastard starts as as the record means to go on. The only vocals in the whole track are the sampled speech at the beginning before the colossal atmospheric buildup begins. With layers of synthesisers stacked that continue and grow for minutes, it shows the band are serious about where this album will turn next.

Bronze as a whole has a huge variety of the material involved and its structure; many of the tracks are progressive and building, others are just quality rock tracks the whole way through with a solid groove. A prime example of the latter is Turn To Stone, which sounds like a psychedelic rock ballad of the 70’s and becomes a powerful instrumental groove.

Scared And Alone is one of the best tracks on the record overall though, as Daisy Chapman gets a turn to do the lead vocals. This leads to a haunting harmonised introduction verse and then to a choral sound with trumpets that is set to send shivers down the spine. The following instrumental is guitar and piano-heavy as the drums beat an atmospheric tom beat which leads into a cymbal-led section as the piano gives way to the synthesiser again. The break from Daniel Änghede’s vocals shows the way the group can change up their sound and have the sheer quality within their personnel to do so seamlessly.

Winning Is A Losing Battle also is a high point of the record. As the holder of probably the most psychedelic-feeling moments on the record, it gives a sense yet again of how diverse the band are. Perfect off-tuned vocal harmonies and the multiple-part structure give it a feeling of menace and danger throughout. The final three minutes of the song sum up the whole album well: ambient and chilled out, building, fantastic solid rock and back again.

Another notable positive is that the record flows through perfectly as one piece of music. The progressive nature of most of the tracks means that the fade in/out of most albums needs not apply as the tracks themselves change enough to make the whole piece an enjoyable listen. Any silences between tracks are only as noticeable as those within the songs, and this makes the collection feel a lot more cohesive than it may do had they been fully separated and faded.

Overall, there are only two words that can describe Bronze as a collection: bizarrely brilliant. Crippled Black Phoenix have created something here that seems to be the The Wall of their catalogue in the styling and the more dramatic feel than the previous material. This album will go down well with fans of the band for sure but looks set to win them many new fans, especially those who are fans of more progressive bands like Pink Floyd and even Soundgarden.

Terraform Reveal Enticing New Single ‘Atonement’

Birmingham-based prog metal quintet TERRAFORM have revealed the video for their new single titled Atonement, taken from their upcoming EP Adrift, which is due for a 15th July 2016 release.

The band said of the EP: “We have a lot of the similar attributes to that of many progressive metal bands. However, we focus more on the clean vocals, using more catchy melodies whilst still keeping to our roots. Listeners can expect to hear a new sound from Terraform, still within our bracket, but we focus far less on aggressive vocals in this EP, retaining many of our original influences but bringing in new and exciting aspects.”

Watch the video below:

Between The Buried And Me Nominated For Two Awards At Prog Awards

Between The Buried And Me have been nominated for two awards at this years Prog Awards for both “Band Of The Year” and “Album Of The Year” for Coma Ecliptic released July 10th 2015.

Between The Buried And Me will also be making an exclusive UK performance at this years Techfest at Nottingham. Tickets for the event are available below –

You can vote now at this years Prog Awards via  –

Voting in The Progressive Music Awards Is Now Open

For all of you Prog fans, Progressive Music Awards have been announced to take place in London underneath Shakespeare Globe Theatre in the Underglobe on Thursday September 1st. TV presenter Matthew Wright has also been announced to host the event. Voting for the event has now been opened with everyone who votes having a chance to win a goodie bag featuring something from every artist involved in this years event.

Readers can vote in several award categories but unfortunately they must also be signed up to Team Rock, membership however is free. Voting can be done from the link below –

Periphery European Unrest

Periphery Have Announced (Finally)

Washington prog metal/djent band Periphery have just announced their fifth studio album, entitled Periphery III: Select Difficulty.

The record comes as a follow-up to 2015 double release Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega and will mark the end of the relatively short album production cycle, having started in the dying days of 2015. It has been produced by Adam “Nolly” Getwood, the band’s bassist, despite his departure from the touring lineup.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the album artwork looks like this:

Periphery III: Select Difficulty will be released worldwide on July 22nd

The band also play this year’s Download festival on 12th June at Donington