Slam Dunk Festival announces 11 more bands!

With only a few more months away until Slam Dunk Festival, They have just announce the addition of 11 new artists across the many stages that they have. The bands stated are CrossfaithAndrew McMahon in the WildernessWaterparksWith ConfidenceMILK TEETHBlack FoxxesDecadeCounterfeit.Fort HopeSHVPES & Puppy!

With still more bands to be announced and a new stage along with a competition to play the festival, its looking to be a solid one. Check out one of our favourites announced below!

Handmade Festival 2017 Announce First Wave of Bands

The first acts announced for Handmade Festival 2017 are:

Twin Atlantic

Frightened Rabbit

British Sea Power

Pulled Apart By Horses



Muncie Girls




Handmade Festival will be held at the O2 Academy in Leicester on the weekend of 29th and 30th April 2017.

Tickets are £40 per adult, £30 per student and £20 per under 16, and are available from

Keep an eye out for further announcements!

PUPPY announce new mini album

Puppy have announced their new EP and detailed it a little.

The record is titled Vol II due for a August 12th release, and a free release show celebrating the event will take place on August 23rd at The Black Heart in Camden.

unnamed (7)

Jock Norton (vocals/guitar) said:

“With VOL II we wanted to do expand upon the foundations we’d laid with our first EP, both musically and conceptually. I think we’d wanted the first one to essentially be four singles, whereas this one has a bit more light and shade to it. I know describing something as a ‘musical journey’ is pretty naff but I feel it applies here, at least to some degree. Another thing we were conscious of was trying to streamline our sound a bit more. People always comment on the fact that we mix a lot of indie rock ideas in with more traditionally metal sounding stuff, and I think here we wanted the lines to blur even further; hopefully rather than thinking “this bit sounds like Metallica and this bit sounds like Grandaddy in quite a dichotomous way, the joints have been smoothed down a little and those ideas come together in a more coherent way. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and we’re really excited to share it with people.”

The track listing looks like this:

1. Entombed
2. My Tree
3. Arabella
4. Warm
5. Here At Home

Puppy’s Entombed from the record has had a video released, watch it below:

12 Brilliant British Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of

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