5 things learned from Frank Carter’s live stream

Hardcore punk legend and ‘Spirit of Punk’ award-winner Frank Carter did a live stream at the end of July, so after leaving some time for the dust to settle from it, here are a few things to be learned from it (in theory, this is entirely based on what Frank said, therefore nothing confirmed).

1) Frank loves to reveal his plans

Whether or not he is allowed to, it’s clear to see Frank just wants to get his plans out there. After revealing another batch of acts for Reading & Leeds festival including himself hours ahead of the official announcement, that’s clear to see and he only furthers this in this live stream. At several points, he chuckled as he said “I’m not allowed to tell you that” and proceeded to flatly tell some secrets. At one point, he even dismissed a text from his manager who was clearly watching along to warn him when he was getting close to the mark.

2) The band are planning on taking a turn to being a rock band

Frank explained the band felt as if a move away from the hardcore side of things towards a more centralised rock style. This can be seen in first single from the new album Snake Eyes which as he said has “a more dynamic vocal” than other tracks previously from Blossom have, causing it to be their favourite song to play live at the moment.

3) The album is finished

Frank took great delight in stating simply “the album is done” when asked about details. He also revealed it would be released next year, so presumably there will be an early 2017 release date. Despite the apparent shift to rock, he admitted the record will contain “probably the best” hardcore track he has ever written.

4) They’re touring the UK in November

However much he was supposed to cover the fact, Frank stated on several occasions that the band are touring in their homeland in November, allegations by no means denied by guitarist Dean Richardson. The tour will definitely include London, but several comments made implied they wouldn’t be venturing to Liverpool and he said explicitly they wouldn’t be stopping in Corby.

5) Frank sure has strong opinions on bands

At one point he hit out at Bullet For My Valentine pretty hard, but later stated “there are just better thrash bands out there”, and when asked about bands he hates he just grinned and stated “there are many, many of those” before moving swiftly on. In his good books are the likes of Against Me! where he stated he’s a big fan of frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, and Minor Threat, amongst others.


Watch the full video on their Facebook page here to read fully between the lines to see just what he really means by some of the things he said.