Gravves – Rattle EP [REVIEW]

Bringing chaos and aggression all the way from North Wales, Gravves are looking to show off what they can achieve and do with their EP ‘Rattle’, with them stating inspiration from bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, it’s a way for them to start making something that could be full of flavour.

Opening with ‘My Pet Rihanna’, it has a very gravelly sound in its guitars and vocals which provide a very harsh punk sound in its wake. With the spoken word part during the first third and it highlighting the bass a bit more, the band show a little bit of their versatility in their musical prowess, albeit having a bit of a repetitive nature in its creation. The main sections that stand out are the more chaos driven parts, with one of those elements closing the track before going into ‘Heartbeats’. Feeling more like their influence with a small taste of White Zombie’s ‘Thunder Kiss ’65’, the track gives you a pretty interesting first half.

Whilst ‘Tribes’ has somewhat of a jovial lead guitar going throughout most of the section, the dark and angry side of the band still shine through, keep up that punk edge that you’ve already heard so far and keep running with it strongly. Being the shortest track on the EP, it does it’s job just like the first song did and not let up with its pounding beats and sound before the final song ‘Hollow Bones’ makes itself known. Being the softer in terms of pattern and projection of the four. With a sprinkling of a psychedelic feel coming through the waves, this EP closes on a very interesting note to see where their career now goes.

If you’re looking to listen to a really interesting piece of music that throws back to 00’s great albums such as ‘Era Vulgaris’, then this EP will be a nice addition to your music library. It might take a few tries for new listeners, but they won’t look back and know they have made a great choice.