Real Friends are going to reschedule their upcoming UK tour for 2017

For those who were excited to see this band play by the end of the year, you might need to put that on hold. The band will be rescheduling their UK/Europe dates for the first half of 2017 and they will be announced within the coming weeks.

The reason for this rescheduling is down to the band feeling that this tour is a ‘wrong place, wrong time’ due to the struggles that are outlined in the bands statement. In the statement, Dan Lambton talks about his struggles with anxiety and mental health, as well as his battle with sobriety during this current tour.

You can read the statement by clicking HERE. We here at Musicology wish nothing but well wishes towards Dan and the rest of the band. Mental illness is a serious issue and it is nothing to be ashamed of and should be talked about.

Of Mice & Men and more feature on Don’t Fret Club!

If you’re like a lot of people who suffer from some form of mental illness, a great outlet to help with that is anything to do with music. Over at Don’t Fret Club, they have released a series of mini-podcasts featuring some of your favourite artists Of Mice & Men talking about ‘The First Step’, Happy Accidents talking about social anxiety and Slowcoaches who talk about positive friendships.

You can listen to the OM&M podcast below, but make sure to go to their website HERE for other artists as well as people accounts of dealing with mental illness. You are not alone in this fight, we are all here to help.

Real Friends Kick Out New Video

Illinois Pop punkers Real Friends have released the brand new video for track Mess. The track is from recent album The Home Inside My Head and accompanies their upcoming UK tour. Check the video out below!

The Home Inside My Head is out now on Fearless Records and you can catch the band on any of the UK dates below.

09 LONDON Electric Ballroom
11 NEWCASTLE Riverside
13 GLASGOW St Lukes
14 MANCHESTER Club Academy
15 LEEDS Stylus
16 BRISTOL Thelka
17 SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms

Sleep On It release music video ‘See You Around’

If you like your alternative/pop punk in the vein of Real Friends and Knuckle Puck, then you will definitely want to check out the latest track from Chicago’s own Sleep On It. Bringing it full on with infectious leads and a huge chorus, this will definitely put them somewhere on the map in the genre. Check out ‘See You Around‘ below!

They have a new EP out in the next few days titled ‘Lost Along The Way‘ via Equal Vision Records.

The Wonder Years announce US tour with some huge bands

Good Charlotte recently announced a huge tour that looked to be the showstopper for pop punk this year, but The Wonder Years have (forgive us) “come out swinging” with a massive tour of their own in response.

The band will be touring with Real FriendsKnuckle PuckMoose Blood and Seaway. Whilst it’s hard to see how all of these bands will have enough time to pull of a truly rewarding setlist, there’s no denying this is something quite incredible.

You can view all thirty dates below.

Slam Dunk Festival Interview with REAL FRIENDS

Real Friends returned to play Slam Dunk Festival 2016, Leeds for the second time. Here’s what vocalist Dan Lambton and bassist Kyle Fasel had to say.

How are feeling about playing Slam Dunk Festival’s 10th anniversary?

Dan – It’s awesome. We played two years ago in 2014 but this is no different we’re still super stoked, there’s a ton of great bands and I’m also very stoked to see Set Your Goals. I haven’t seen them in a very long time.

So how have you guys progressed since playing here two years ago?

Kyle – Well we just released an album so there’s that. We’ve been to the UK only one other time after that. Our set in in 2014 was great but I’m hoping for today to be even better which could be great.

Yeah, the album was released yesterday, for those who haven’t already listened to it, why should they?

Kyle – I think it’s just a real honest record, there’s no gimmicks it’s just very real. What we wanted to write about was what we felt and song writing wise it was just the next step for us. It’s natural progression, there’s nothing forced. We’ve never claimed to be a ground-breaking band but I’m proud of the record, we’re all proud of it. It’s a great representation of Real Friends.

How has your music changed since your Eps and the last full length album?

Kyle – I think we’ve just progressed, y’know we’ve matured, every band says that but they say that though ‘cause it actually does happen. You get older, you find more techniques, you go through different things in life to write about as well. I think it definitely is a bit more in a timeless direction I guess. We don’t put ourselves in a box, not that we ever really did but when we write more songs now, we do step outside more of what we were even a couple years ago.

Would you say it’s easier to write songs now that you’ve been together for so long?

Dan – I’d say about the same, yeah that hasn’t changed.

Kyle – If anything it might be harder ‘cause we’re pickier than we were.

You’re coming back to the UK in December what can fans look forward to from the tour?

Dan – More new songs if they like the album (laughs). We’re bringing over Kuckle Puck and With Confidence who are both also very awesome bands. I just hope that they can expect a kick ass show. That’s really all we can give them.

Other than yourselves, who should people go see today?

Dan – The Starting Line, Set Your Goals and Every Time I Die.

Kyle – I’d say The Starting Line for sure. A little bit of Moose Blood too. It’s kinda wild how many people are here this early, it’s honestly pretty insane. The Story So Far will be pretty cool. Our stage (The Key Club Stage) is just packed with good bands.

Apart from touring the new album, is there anything else coming up you’re particularly excited for?

Dan – Warped Tour. We’re doing Warped Tour in the States and it’s always such a great time. We did it before the same year we did Slam Dunk, we did the whole thing and then we did a couple of the dates in 2013. It’s nice ‘cause like Slam Dunk it’s got a really diverse line-up which means everyone can come and be able to get something out of it. It’s something that in all the years that I’ve gone I’ve always found at least three bands that really justify being able to go there and I kind of preferred it ‘cause there’s less clashing.

So apart from that, what’s your favourite thing about playing festivals?

Kyle – Actually, funny thing, I actually don’t like playing festivals BUT I really do enjoy Slam Dunk. Sometimes festivals, for being in a band, a lot of things are spread out and everything but Slam Dunk is very organised and everyone is very nice. And of course the fans are great, we wouldn’t be here without them. But yeah I think Slam Dunk is totally different, it has its own kind of vibe.

Dan – I like that they take over the city too.