Deez Nuts + Comeback Kid & Guests – Live @ Mama Roux (13/2/17)

Birmingham was ready to feel the hardcore for many hours has the ‘You Are Part Of This Tour’ came careening through their town to show off many different styles and attributes that this extensive genre has.

Opening up the night all the way from Portugal, Reality Slap (7) opened the night off with a showcase of their latest record ‘Limitless’ which powered through the speakers with tracks like ‘Lone Wolf’ and ‘Haymaker’ giving the newer flavour of their sound. Being the opening band, it was hard for the crowd to get into the newer band on the bill, but they all watched in earnest and showed their appreciation with the band putting in a punchy set from beginning to end.

Up next were Quebec’s own Get The Shot (9) who were looking to make a massive statement that night with a pick up of the pace and the vocalist looking to show off his energy by bringing something fast paced with an added edge of mosh frenzy with tracks such as ‘Rotting Idols’ proving to be a crowd favourite as the dancing and two-stepping started to pick up a little bit more. With songs from both their albums showing a presence in their set, the band were looking to make an impact and by the end of their set, they made a few more fans in their arsenal.

Arguably the heaviest band on the bill, First Blood (9) have a new album out titled ‘Rules’ and the first part of their set was definitely getting you accustomed to their newer material. The crowd picked up the aggression in their set and some friends took some of the hits that the fans were there to offer, which only helped fuel the sound that the band had. Moving to older material with tracks such as ‘Suffocate’ and their closer ‘Preamble’ pleased some of the veteran fans of the band, but the entire venue was transfixed at the overall presentation this band had, not taking themselves too seriously, but when it came to their topics in hand, the lyrics were full of emotion and power which near enough everyone in the venue could probably relate to.

Following that was Australian rising stars in Hellions (8) who were the group that stuck out on the list like a sore thumb and after the full on effect that First Blood had, it was time to see what the change of pace would do. The band also utilises their newer material for 90% of their set with tracks like ‘Quality Of Life’ being a nice bouncy changeup for the entire night. Other track pleasers from the album such as ‘Lotus Eater’ as well as going back to their earlier material with the track ‘Hellions’, but upsettingly it felt just like they were an opening band again due to the lack of reaction and movement.

Up next came one of the most energetic, powerful and career spanning sets you will have ever gotten to witness. Comeback Kid (10) took Mama Roux to a different level with the biggest crowd of the night. Opening up with ‘G.M. Vincent & I’, the crowd got to stage diving, moshing of all varieties and singing along to many of their tracks spanning from ‘All In A Year’ to ‘Wasted Arrows’. The band show why they are one of the greatest at what they do without missing any beats during track transitions and are encapsulated by the generations of fans who are cheering and screaming along to the band. Closing with ‘Wake The Dead’, it brought their set and the night to its peak and further pushed them into the stratosphere and will definitely make things exciting when their new album hits.

Closing the night on another strong note, Deez Nuts (9) brought many types of vibes to the end of the night with the NYC hardcore flavourings running wild up and down the venue. Tracks like ‘Popular Demand’ got the entire first few rows dancing on the spot to the immense amounts of grooves that the band possessed. Again, the band spanned their career right back to their ‘Stay True’ record and the crowd were all over the low tones that were brought into the venue. The massive setlist brought newer songs from their upcoming record to get you excited for their new album that is being released in a few weeks before closing the night with ‘Your Mother Should’ve Swallowed You’ and the crowd getting their sing along to full power and bringing the night to its very enjoyable close.

Deez Nuts Announce Album Details For Purge And Purgatory

Deez Nuts announce their new album Purge And Purgatory is schedule for release next year. This follows from their previous album World In Blood which reached #34 in the German album charts and #20 in their home country Australia.

Vocalist JJ Peters said: “DEEZ NUTS plan to hit the ground running in 2017. By the time this year is out our new album“Binge And Purgatory” will be written and recorded. Then we tour the world with our boys the first two months to celebrate! Can’t wait to hit the road and can’t wait to drop this album!!”

The band have also announced a co-headlining European Tour with Comeback Kid entitled You Are Part Of This Tour. Support acts announced are; First Blood, Hellions, Risk It, Get The Shot and Reality Slap. 

Deez Nuts will play the UK on the following dates:
13th February 2017 – Birmingham – Mama Roux’s
14th February 2017 – Manchester – Sound Control
15th February 2017 – London – Islington Academy

First Blood Announce Tour Dates

Hardcore outfit First Blood today have announced tour dates ahead of the headliners Deez Nuts and Comeback Kid. The tour is not one to be missed with an amazing lineup to support these two headliners including First Blood, Hellions, Risk It, Get The Shot and Reality Slap. With dates across the UK and Europe there is plenty of chance to see everyone on this bill. Check out the poster below.