Gnash Rambler perform at The Media Club

Sometimes all great venues must come to end and all must have a great blow out. Offering a superb brand of hooky punk rock tinged power pop, Vancouver, BC’s Gnash Rambler will be performing one of the last shows at The Media Club on 30th June for the CD release party for their debut self-titled album released this past March. The Media Club will join the list of many other venues in the city that have been closing over the years making it difficult for the local scene to grow and be exposed.

Show Details:

Date: Friday, June 30th
Venue: The Media Club, 695 Cambie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2P1
Time: 6pm
Cost: $10

Punk Supergroup Vanishing Life Announce Debut Album

Punk band Vanishing Life have revealed details of their debut album ‘Surveillance’.

The quartet are a supergroup and contain members from Rise Against, Quicksand, ..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Gorilla Biscuits and Bad Religion. 

The band have also shared a new song titled ‘The Realist’, which is the second single to be released from the upcoming album, following on from the earlier released song ‘Exile’. ‘The Realist’ is available for stream here:

‘Surveillance’ will be released November 11th through Dine Alone Records.

Brave Vultures Unveil ‘Where I Wanna Be’ Video

Alt-Rock band Brave Vultures have released the video for new single ‘Where I Wanna Be’ the bands second release from debut EP ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’.

The video is a DIY effort from the quartet with the theme said to be centered around “Having a nightmare, trying to run back home to bed and not getting very far”.

Upon release of the second single, vocalist Dom Littler said “We wanted to release this track as our second single as it shows a more raw, upbeat side”.

You can check out ‘Where I Wanna Be’ below:

Buy ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here‘:

The Sore Losers Reveal ‘Got It Bad’ Video

Belgian rock band The Sore Losers have unveiled the video for latest single ‘Got It Bad’.

The song is taken from the bands’ upcoming album ‘Skydogs’ which will be released November 4th via Ultra Elektrik Records.

The quartet have released two other singles from the upcoming album; ‘Cherry Cherry’ and ‘Emily’. The album is expected to have a hard rock feel, with the band drawing from influences such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Grammy award winner Dave Cobb produced the album and the recording process was said to be a mere 10 days. ‘Skydogs’ was released earlier in the year to critical acclaim, but will get its full international release on November 4th.

You can check out the video for ‘Got It Bad’ below:

As Lions Announce Debut EP

Uk rock band As Lions have announced Aftermath the bands’ debut EP which will be released via Better Noise Records on October 14th.

The EP will feature four tracks, and is said to attack several different issues we face as a society, such as the internet culture’s obsession and perceptions of image.

The band have gone all out to create what they claim is “the biggest, baddest hard rock we could, on an almost cinematic scale” by enlisting the services of award-winning producer David Bendeth (Of Mice & Men, Paramore) and Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed). As Lions are soon to be embarking on an arena tour in the US with Five Finger Death Punch and Sixx:AM, dates for the tour can be found here:

‘Aftermath’ will have a physical release in Europe and will be released digitally in the US respectively. The track-listing is as follows:

2.White Flags
4.World On Fire

Check out new track Aftermath here:

LIVE: Moose Blood – HMV Oxford Street 5/8/16

What happens when you put a rapidly growing band in an attic room in a central London record store? In the case of Moose Blood last night, the roof gets blown off.

When the show and signing was announced as free with only an album purchase necessary, just about every fan of the band in and around the capital jumped on the opportunity. Filled to capacity, the room was brimming with excitement as all the spectators walked past the signing table to get in; seeing the unstoppable band and getting their excellent new record signed was only moments away. The soundtrack to all of this buzz was, quite predictably, the new album Blush, which was only released yesterday.

Walking out with the usual “we’re Moose Blood, thanks for being here”, frontman Eddie Brewerton looked truly terrified. The band are known for their timidity, but when Honey began it was easy to see why they’re growing at the rate they are. The crowd were jumping about within fractions of a second of the first note, much to the band’s delight; the grin was visible on guitarist Mark E Osborne’s face the whole track.

After another “thank you for coming, it really does mean a lot”, they announced they would be playing next “the first song [they] wrote”, and the crowd that meant only one thing: it was time to go crazy to the tune of Bukowski. For perhaps the first time in 363 Oxford Street’s in-store show history, crowdsurfing was rife. The massive singalong appeal of the track meant the atmosphere went from “enjoying” to “electric” in less than a verse. This carried over into fan favourite Swim Down with further crowdsurfing before delving back to first official single Boston, much to the crowd’s delight.

Due to the sharp glares of security personnel, Eddie reluctantly told the crowd “I’ve been told to say ‘no crowdsurfing'”, but with a “not that you were anyway” and a wink to calm the groans from the crowd. As he tuned his guitar down for some more new material he acknowledged his awkwardness, even to the extend of calling himself “bad at this talking thing” and resorting to filling some of the silence by literally saying “words”, resulting in laughter all round (not least from drummer Glenn Harvey, the instigator of the Roam Twitter banter).

When finished tuning, he asked if they were allowed to play some new songs, and with the crowd as hooked as they were was a bit of a pointless question. Glow was first up, closely followed by Sulk and Knuckles which only got a better and better reaction as they went through and the set built to a massive crescendo with Gum.

Through the quiet first verse, Eddie stopped singing at moments as he was evidently overwhelmed with the response the track got, as were the rest of Moose Blood. As the guitar started building to signal the crashing into the second verse, the crowd were mimicking every sound they knew from the record with excitement and anticipation of the mania that was to come when the crashing rhythm of the second verse came in.

The band finished up with roars from the watching few hundred, dripping with sweat in the boiling attic room having clearly given the show their all before dashing to get changed before the signing.

Moose Blood are building their popularity at an incredible rate, but it is clear to see they still have fans from the beginning coming to their shows. They have done the impossible task of hitting the more mainstream rock market while keeping the alternative fans gripped, and their live prowess is formidable to the level of challenging the very best. The fanbase make the band’s slogan come to life: it seems that emo really is a gang.

PUPPY announce new mini album

Puppy have announced their new EP and detailed it a little.

The record is titled Vol II due for a August 12th release, and a free release show celebrating the event will take place on August 23rd at The Black Heart in Camden.

unnamed (7)

Jock Norton (vocals/guitar) said:

“With VOL II we wanted to do expand upon the foundations we’d laid with our first EP, both musically and conceptually. I think we’d wanted the first one to essentially be four singles, whereas this one has a bit more light and shade to it. I know describing something as a ‘musical journey’ is pretty naff but I feel it applies here, at least to some degree. Another thing we were conscious of was trying to streamline our sound a bit more. People always comment on the fact that we mix a lot of indie rock ideas in with more traditionally metal sounding stuff, and I think here we wanted the lines to blur even further; hopefully rather than thinking “this bit sounds like Metallica and this bit sounds like Grandaddy in quite a dichotomous way, the joints have been smoothed down a little and those ideas come together in a more coherent way. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and we’re really excited to share it with people.”

The track listing looks like this:

1. Entombed
2. My Tree
3. Arabella
4. Warm
5. Here At Home

Puppy’s Entombed from the record has had a video released, watch it below:

Something More Release “Dogs” EP

Baltimore pop punkers Something More have released their new EP today on Common Ground Records, entitled Dogs.

The band said “Dogs is about pushing as hard as you can to achieve what you need to reach your full potential and not letting change, heartache, or negative minds redirect your focus.

You can purchase the release at the label’s store or on iTunes.

View the band’s video for latest single Talk In Circles below:


The band are also doing their first full US tour in support of the EP, check out dates below: