Renegade Twelve

Renegade Twelve: Track By Track for the upcoming debut album!

We’ve teamed up with the incredible Renegade Twelve from Suffolk in the UK for an exclusive track-by-track of their debut album which releases in just two days! Renegade Twelve’s self-titled debut seeks to establish their brand of melodic metal they’ve been refining since they began in 2014. This quintet pull from many sensational bands such as Iron MaidenAvenged SevenfoldKillswitch Engage and more – they’ve read the book on metal and they’re ready to punch back.

Having toured extensively through 2016, the band will release Renegade Twelve, their debut album on the 27th of January. Here’s what they had to say about the ten tracks on the album.

Mad Max is a furious and intricate piece of music that details the horror and strain that an apocalyptic wasteland has on the normal man.

Vanity is upbeat, angry and quick-fire, this song goes out to the long and strenuous nights tiring away in the nightclub trying to fit in, when really all you have to do is be yourself.

Heroes Of Mine is our first single. It’s an uplifting and catchy track that’s very vocal and touches on the typical and not so typical heroes of modern day society.

Bipolar has a moody and dark vibe, this is a story of when friendship and respect have been sacrificed for the allure of possible fame and fortune.

This Town is the perfect blend of groove metal and strong impact lyrics describing the harrowing ordeal an innocent man needs to go through in order to prove his innocence in a court trial involving police incompetence and corruption beyond belief.

War Plane is metaphorical and World War 2 inspired. This dynamic track provides the story of the skies blending haunting guitar and piano parts with a powerful vocal.

Somme jumps straight into the trenches of World War 1. A fictitious piece that depicts a vicious and blood thirsty battle. Do you survive or are you simply an army of ghosts by the last chorus?

Yeah boi is an absolute fun fest! Ridiculously drop tuned guitars, massive pinch harmonics and head jolting grooves. No lyrics needed in this song!

MFC is a little more quirky. This track nine song abbreviation stands for ‘M*ther F*cking Champion’ and describes the cloud 9 feeling that everyone goes through when things are playing out just the way you wanted them too.

Bill & Chief is the epic story of a generals drunken cowardice and Wild Bill’s bravery, death, resurrection, and reform thanks to an Indian Chief. No punches pulled for this 9 minute demonstration of musical song writing ability and instrumental technique from Renegade Twelve.

This album certainly promises to be a huge collection of tracks from Renegade Twelve preparing to launch them into the upper echelons of metal society. Don’t miss out on it! The album releases this Friday, 27th January and can be pre-ordered here.

Renegade Twelve – Renegade Twelve

Suffolk 5-piece Renegade Twelve are a hot prospect in the UK underground at the moment. It’s easy to see why too as the boys bring an insane amount of hard rock chops and a barrel of energy in the live arena. The real test of a bands metal (pun intended) though is being able to capture the same raw power and immediacy of a live show on record. With self titled debut, produced by Rupert Matthews who has honed his skills with The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, they attempt to bottle that same energy and make a stand as scene leaders in the UK Rock underground.

The record opens with Mad Max which combines excellent twin lead work and anthemic vocals, hitting hard and coming complete with a huge post-chorus ‘woah!’ section. Third track Heroes is a formidable beast too, starting with Iron Maiden-like guitars followed by a dominant war cry of a chorus. The band’s sound is close to latter day-Avenged Sevenfold, with harmonized guitars and galloping drums at the forefront of sound, although despite the comparisons to the Orange County veterans, vocalist Sam Robson kicks out enough memorable melodies to set the band apart from their peers.


Matthews has given the record a crushing feel, with crunchy guitars over a pounding rhythm section, allowing songs to sound dynamic, showcasing their influences well. The band draw on a plethora of influences too, with Biopolar‘s maniacal mid-section sounding incredibly Dave Mustaine-esque and This Town boasting a chunky Pantera-sized groove. That’s not to say Renegade Twelve are mere imitators though, managing to siphon the sounds of their heroes into a melting pot of aural mastery. The closing one-two punch of MFC and Bill & Chief winds things down in style. The former opening with a riff reminiscent of Skid Row at their sleazy best and the latter, showing off the band’s ability to pen epics, with delicate guitars and keyboards running throughout, building to a startling riff ‘n shred fest towards the end.

Renegade Twelve have produced an incredibly fun debut here that contains many of the things we have grown to love about metal and hard rock. The twin guitar assault of Dan Potter and Josh Bernard makes for riveting listening, while the vocal lines are strong, providing memorable hooks almost every time. It will be interesting to watch the progress of a band that is clearly knee deep in it’s influences, define itself over the next few years. However, in the meantime just crack open a beer, throw up the horns and enjoy this barn-burner of a record.

Renegade Twelve is out January 27th.