Code Orange – Forever [REVIEW]

One of the most aggressive bands in the hardcore scene as of this moment is Pittsburg, PA based group Code Orange who burst onto the album scene with their punishing debut of ‘Love Is Love/Return To Dust’ to cult success. With many more tours under their belt and pushing the boundaries within their music scene, they aim to bust through that wall yet again with new record ‘Forever

Flying straight into the songs you’ve already heard, the title track being the first single shows that even though you might be worried of their signing to a major label (Roadrunner Records), their sound would just be as ferocious as ever, with the tone of every single members instrument being crafted so strongly and mixed superbly. Moving into their latest release of ‘Kill The Creator’, it uses more of their thrash-like style of tracks such as ‘Unclean Spirit’ from their previous outing. The sudden shifts into glitchy and atmospheric sections mixed with dissonant chording and a booming drum sound, Jeremy from Lifeless comes into the track and gives you something head pounding before the track closes on an eerie, yet orchestral side of them with a final ear piercing feedback noise to close your immediate taste.

With a smattering of double bass and guitars harmonising with each other, ‘Real’ pushes the album that much further with a more varied wavelength. With its darker and cleaner side having a weird psychological horror vibe in its creation, once the fury flies into it you’re not fully prepared for what is coming your way. The bass tone adds a massive wave of depth into the track during all its sections before moving into more eerie qualities with ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ which will take you completely out of left field. The clean vocals make their first presence on the record and sounding like a bouncy post hardcore track with snippets of experimental metal engraved, the soft and often tenebrous vocals will put that idea you may have had of Code Orange being a ‘one trick pony’ to bed.

Sounding like laser fire to kick off ‘The Mud’, the band are still crashing through with the low toned guitar muting and a beautiful blend of clean/screams within the track to show how well they can encompass different tastes and styles and make something that is undoubtedly unique and undeniably Code Orange. Combined with a weird chunk of silence before throwing back into angrier territory, They throw into the 2 minute hellhound known as ‘The New Reality’. Having the same flavours as the opener with some extra punches thrown in for good measure. Just full blown riffs and low growls adding to what will no doubt be a main staple of the bands set to bring the moshers from all around the room. Flying straight into ‘Spy’ with the feedback blaring and the drums building more and more, the first riff comes with a lot of flavours and structure around it and also adds another new style you might not have already heard into the bands repertoire, but that doesn’t mean they cant still bring the heat with whatever they throw your way.

Ugly’ has that beginning taste of something from the Type O Negative / Nirvana blend of strong goth/doom in its vocals qualities and verses, but during choruses it booms that powerful grunge sound that all in all, makes for one of the most exciting listens on the record for just being its own special entity and unconforming to what you might be used to yet again. As the album pushes into its final quarter, ‘No One Is Untouchable’ brings more atmospheric brutality to the record and doesn’t shy away from just being tonally sharp and crisp with its delivery. The drummers vocals crack through the recording and have an amazing presence from start to finish, especially with the ending of the track blending the beatdown style chord progression with an electronic underbelly fuelling the fire.

Hurt Goes On’ is by far the most spacious feeling track on the record and really brings their experimental side into fruition. With the instrumentation taking a back seat to the gruesome sounding vocals feeling like cult chants and the electronics being even more entrancing than before on the record, its a superb penultimate track before leading into ‘dream2’ which is the round off to end all round offs. It takes away once again the heavy and closes the album on something soft and heavenly with the ‘I just cant relate’ line being the final breaths of words before the album comes to its sudden halt.

It’s hard to think that an album being released in the first 13 days of the year could be considered as album of the year potential, but Code Orange have defied those odds extremely and produced something unlike you’ve heard. Progression is the main key of this and the band have improved, crafted and produced something that is many steps up from their debut record. Those who think they’ve sold out from joining Roadrunner, you’ll be massively mistaken.

Sikth + Shvpes announced as Trivium UK/EU supports.

It’s time for some tour support news! Two UK acts will be touring with the mighty Trivium this coming March and those names are Sikth and Shvpes. Showing off some of what the best of UK has to offer, its an exciting time for both bands careers. Check out the main support band Sikth below as well as tour dates too.

11/02/2017 – Ireland – Dublin  / Academy

12/02/2017- N. Ireland – Belfast / Limelight

14/02/2017 – UK – Birmingham / Institute

15/02/2017 – UK –  Manchester  / Academy

16/02/2017 – UK – Glasgow / Barrowlands

17/02/2017 – UK – London / Roundhouse

18/02/2017 – UK – Nottingham /Rock City

20/02/2017 – LUX – Luxembourg / Den Atlier

21/02/2017 – Holland – Amsterdam / Melkweg

22/02/2017 – Germany – Berlin / Huxleys

24/02/2017 – Norway – Oslo / Rockefella

25/02/2017 – Sweden – Stockholm / Klubben

27/02/2017 – Finland –  Helsinki / The Circus

01/03/2017 – Sweden –  Gothenburg / Pustervik

02/03/2017 – Sweden –  Malmo / Kb

03/03/2017 – Denmark – Copenhagen / Vega Main Hall

04/03/2017 – Denmark – Arhus / Train

06/03/2017 – Germany – Hannover / Capitol

07/03/2017 –  Germany  – Leipzig / Taubchenthal

08/03/2017 – Austria – Vienna / Arena

10/03/2017 – Switzerland – Pratteln / Z7

11/03/2017 – Germany  – Munich / Theaterfabrik

12/03/2017 – Germany – Stuttgart / Longhorn

13/03/2017 – Italy –  Milan / Magazzini Generali

15/03/2017 – Switzerland – Lausanne / Les Docks

16/03/2017 – France – Marseille / Espace Julien

17/03/2017 – Spain  – Barcelona  / Apollo

18/03/2017 – Spain – Madrid / Sala But

19/03/2017 – Spain – Antiago De Compostela/ Capitol

21/03/2017 – France  – Cognac / West Rock

22/03/2017 – France  – Paris / Caberet -Sauvage

24/03/2017 – Germany – Koln / Live Music Hall

25/03/2017 – Belgium – Antwerp / Trix




Motionless In White want your help with their album artwork!

It looks like Motionless In White are going to be needing your help for their latest album dropping winter 2017. The band are looking towards their fans to create something exciting for their latest album and like their song ‘Creatures‘, it will be in your hands! You can try out for the competition HERE and win a cash prize + round trip to hear the album as well as watch about the whole concept below.

KoRn – The Serenity Of Suffering [REVIEW]

After a return to a much heavier sound that’s been missing on the past 2 KoRn records, the band return to give an album that’s pretty much a snapshot into their career as a band. This has been a grievance to fans of the band including producer Nick Raskulinecz which have made the band return to a classic sound.
Jonathan Davis is heard doing his signature scat on Rotting In Vain which makes the song reminiscent to fans of a track such as Blind or Falling Away From Me. This is something which goes along well with the heavy bass that Fieldy provides and goes perfectly in the direction KoRn wish to re-encapsulate. His voice also takes some quite extreme sounding screams on a track such as The Hating where the band have some of the most powerful lyrics on the record.

The choice to include an acoustic guitar on the intro for a track like The Hating where the lyrics feel much more direct “ripping the child within me” makes the listener delve within the psyche of KoRn, which feels much more direct and powerful. The speed of the track speeding up with the lyrics “an angry mouth with a broken heart” shows the classic depths that the band go to and the warped poetry that the band creates from their best releases. The writing for this album is certainly at one of the highest points in the band’s history (at least since KoRn III: Remember Who You Are).

Within saying this that doesn’t mean the band have got rid of the Industrial sound that the band have been known for on the past two records with lead single A Different World. The most noticeable part of this track is the fact Corey Taylor is included on the record and whilst this might just be seen by casual listeners as just an extra layer to the record, but for KoRn historians the rivalry between KoRn and Slipknot has been at a high point throughout the majority of the band’s career, allowing the group to move forward and progress is quite an important factor into what makes this album special, and whilst a return to the routes is what the fans might ask for, the group have shown here that this release is not as simple as that.

The other musicians however have their moments throughout the course of the album as drummer Ray Luzier goes into some quite heavy patterns especially on the almost funk sounding intro of Take Me where the song becomes instantly disjointed, before the other instrumentals bring it. The dark horse in this band is surprisingly the guitarist (though the band don’t tend to use a lot of solo’s so this can be understandable) of both Munky and Head. The sense of layering in this release however is key to its sound and this can be found on Die Yet Another Night. Where the song is built up by the perfect and most complex riffs on the entire release.

KoRn are a band which have enough peaks and troughs to make most bands careers seem nothing in short, for this release however the band are looking to go in the right direction. What comes next however is anybody’s guess.

Lamb Of God release new emotional song ‘The Duke’

Every song has a story to tell, even when the topic is very emotional and can strike a chord with people listening. The latest Lamb Of God release titled ‘The Duke‘ is about one fan’s struggle and fight with cancer, honouring him with this incredibly touching song. Full of emotional cleans and a beauty unlike any other LoG song, this track is a perfect testament to remembering someone who had a strong impact on you. Check the song out below.

Rest In Peace – Wayne Alan Ford, 9/30/1981- 02/03/2015

The Amity Affliction release new music video ‘All Fucked Up’

If you haven’t heard of The Amity Affliction before, then the real consensus might be how come you’ve been sleeping on one of the biggest metalcore/post hardcore bands in the world today. Once you’ve thought about that, maybe you should check out their latest music video for the song ‘All Fucked Up‘ below!

Once that is sorted and you have fallen in love with them, probably the next step is to purchase tickets to the upcoming UK tour the band are headlining, featuring NorthlaneStray From The Path and Wage War. Have a look at the dates below!