The Pearl Harts – Glitter & Spit

Glitter & Spit is the debut album from female duo The Pearl Harts. Opening with Black Blood, immediately obvious are influences from the likes of Royal Blood and The Dead Weather in the constantly moving bassline and complicated timing and pauses, and The Pretty Reckless and Joan Jett for the type of gritty energy and talent the duo project.

The underground grunge sound continues from Black Blood all the way through Go Hard. The grooves in this track are much simpler than the previous, however complicated twiddles aren’t needed for this type of music. The track starts building up from the bridge and then just cuts out, leaving the listener wanting more. This would also invoke the same reaction in a live setting.

The Rush is very different to the previous two tracks. It has a constant guitar, bass and drum line, where Black Blood and Go Hard were very chopped and cut. It would be a good choice for a single, as The Pearl Harts really begin to show their dynamic vocal capabilities here. This is carried on into Lara.

The stripped back style comes back again in Bonfires, strongly reminding the listener again of a grungier Royal BloodNirvana influences come into play at Lost In Time, with a kick of 90s female fronted groups such as The Cranberries and The Corrs present in the vocal harmonies. One might not think these groups would mix, but The Pearl Harts found a way, and mix it well. Other similar tracks are Bless Y ou, heavily influence by Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, and Living’s Done.

As the album moves along, the music changes from hard grunge rock to more alternative/psychadelic rock, and back again. Hit The Bottle is the most energetic and bouncy track, and will draw in fans of most types of rock.

The Pearl Harts put a fresh spin on an old classic style of rock, and in doing so, smash any gender expectations that audiences still have even now in the 21st century. They have made an album that has been honed to perfection and produced to the highest quality.

Indigo Bones announce debut EP

Conceived in Hull and spinning tales of hedonism, love, and debauchery, Indigo Bones are a garage rock band that have rock ‘n’ roll oozing from their pores. Armed with dirty guitars, wailing vocals and frenzied riffs, the riotous trio deliver their self-titled debut EP on Friday 16th December.

Indigo Bones found its beginning when vocalist and guitarist Chris Welburn, drummer Marty Hoyle, and bassist and vocalist Mark Swan, got together after having previously collaborated on past projects. With an affection for the
craft and guile of Jack White and Royal Blood, the dynamic threesome soon shaped their sound and amassed a killer set, before they swiftly began to make their mark on the scene.

With the wind in their sails, the raucous riff maestros recently undertook a UK tour which has helped to garner a fan-base that is expanding by the day. The Northern rock crew are now braced for a speedy trajectory as they release their self-titled debut EP, armed with a barrage of shows penned for early 2017.

The EP is due for release on 16th December.

Waste Release New Video for ‘Thunder’

Stevenage four-piece Waste have released the video for new track Thunder. The band recently worked with Royal Blood producer Tom Dalgety on their upcoming self-titled EP and Thunder provides a sneak peak with riffs a plenty and a catchy chorus.

Waste created a buzz for themselves, with early demo Blow racking up over 20,000 Soundcloud plays, incorporating the positive vibes into their tight and ferocious live show. The band have shared festival stages with big names such as Slaves, The Horrors and The Dandy Warhols and will be throwing an EP launch party at The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden on September 8th.


Waste release their self-titled EP on September 5th. In the meantime head over to Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates.