Decade – Pleasantries [REVIEW]

A fresh staple in the UK alternative rock/pop punk music scene are Bath based Decade who are here to bring you a new side of their band with their sophomore release. ‘Good Luck’ was a great start to their album material, but there was some underlines that left room for potential, and this record definitely pushes them to a higher level.

Opening up with the very pleasant sounding ‘Human Being’, the guitar lead provides such a positive outlook on the track with the rest of the band, once joining in on the track, give in such a bouncy side that you can feel the pop side of the band reign through a lot more. The bass guitar has a really nice tone that doesn’t oversaturate the rest of the band, but cuts through the mix really well. It definitely shows off the band in a different light and as their first single ‘Daisy May’ comes in, the alternative rock influence comes in a lot more. The harmonies within the vocals have always been a very enjoyable attribute that the band shows off and it is nice to see that it is kept up through the album. The third track keeps the momentum going with the guitar lead effect being a nice placement in the track. Alex Sears vocals are such a delight on this specific track, providing such a nice pattern with the harmonies once again being a pinpointed highlight of the track whilst the instrumentation pushes them more and gives them such a distinct direction.

As the album moves forward, the band continue these musical themes rather strongly as well as superbly. ‘Anaemia’ is a great example of them pushing this even further with the verses having so much gripping qualities about it with the structures throughout the tracks on the entire record being superb. ‘Wasted’ blends the guitar melodies and vocals really well with the slower tone of the songs being another chance to show off the bands creativity as ‘Sunbeam’ pushes the more positive outlook in its instrumentation once again, coming across as more of an indie rock/pop blended track than the genre they’re lumped in, but that just shows off the bands diversity. It doesn’t push too much of the distortion in its rhythm guitar and focuses more on the actual melodies of the track, whereas ‘Brand New Again’ tends to go more on a chord structure movement in its writing. One thing is for certain though, the whole band are making such a powerful presence throughout this entire record.

Towards the albums final tracks, the sound is fully used to its potential whether it be in the more darker and cleaner sound in ‘Geist’ which invokes a lot more softer vocal tone through the entirety of the track. For the penultimate track, it is a good way to slow your pace down having danced the night away with most of the previous tracks above it. The final track is the perfect way to end their second album. ‘Capsules’ has one of the most poignant melodies and hooks on the entire record with the track being a final stomp of their passionate love towards the record. Alex’s vocals add a really strong emphasis on the words he says and when it comes right down to the wire, give off such a strong emotion.

The band have hit solid gold with this release, creating a masterpiece in their own unique way. With the production quality at a very high point, the band doing something strong with their musical talents and this record is a prime example of a band hitting their peak. They’ve improved massively since their debut LP and are still going to be pushing it even further.


Homebound release new song ‘Distrait’

Homebound are bringing the unadulterated pop punk from Farnham to show what their third EP is all about. ‘Distrait‘ brings out that crisp guitar tone and powerful drum backing to give you something that is exciting and heightening what the UKPP scene has to offer.

You can check out their latest track below!

They will be doing the UK dates of Four Year Strong‘s tour in February which you can check out the dates below:

14th: The Fleece, Bristol
15th: Academy 2, Manchester
16th: O2 Academy 2, Birmingham
17th: Koko, London

Decade sign to Rude Records, announce new album

The alternative rock group are back with a vengeance! They’ve announced their new album ‘Pleasantries‘ for next year, but that is not all the good news from the group. The band have signed to Rude Records as well which will definitely help push them further than they’ve ever been. Check out the art, tracklist and one of the songs below!


‘Pleasantries’ Tracklisting:

  1. Human Being
  2. Daisy May
  3. Turn off Your TV
  4. Anaemia
  5. Wasted
  6. Sunbeam
  7. Brand New Again
  8. Peach Milk
  9. Can’t Figure You Out
  10. Geist
  11. Capsules

Homebound release new song ‘Headspace’

Pop punk in the UK has been on a resurgence recently with a lot of bands releasing songs and announcing EP/Albums as well. The same can be said for Homebound who have released their latest track ‘Headspace‘ into the world. This also coincides with their EP announcement ‘The Mould You Build Yourself Around‘ which will see its release soon. In the meantime, check out the new single below!