Epoch – Sacrosanct

Sacrosanct was originally released digitally by death metallers Epoch in 2015, but on January 31st, almost 2 years later, the group released the album on CD.

Sacrosanct opens with To Datechon, ho Katechon. It is a very typical death metal track, with fast, heavy cymbals and double kick pedals, guitar riffs that interchange between chugs and riffs, and heavy heated vocals where the lyrics are indiscernible. However the track ends early at barely 2 minutes and 50 seconds, tapering off and building suspense for the rest of the album.

The following track, Vision Absolute, contains sudden stops in the first verse that are in direct contrast with the rest of the layers and complicated riffs of the track. The listener expects the stops to occur again throughout the track, however the music evolves and changes so that by the time the track is halfway through, it sounds completely different. Even by the end, the music has changed again, making the casual listener do a double take.

Each track has a clear instrumental introduction section which would traditionally set the tone for the rest of the song, however in Sacrosanct these sections are cleverly used to provide the listener with variety. The trouble with many death metal albums is that they sound the same all the way through, however Sacrosanct is cleverly layered and sectioned to avoid this problem.

Ichneumon is the track that sticks out on Sacrosanct due to the discordant nature of the chord progression. A very atonal and musically complex song, it is very difficult with a lot going on as there usually is in death metal to pull these types of chords off, however Epoch do it extremely well.

The downside to Sacrosanct is that there are no slow songs and all the vocals are heated screamed vocals. It would be interesting to see Epoch perform a metal ballad, the musicians certainly have the capability and it would provide a nice variety to the album. The downside with constant screamed vocals is that to the average listener the lyrical content is difficult to decipher. Most of the tracks on the album are also roughly the same bpm.