Jordan Black, Like Pacific – 23/11/16

Being their first time in the UK, Like Pacific were here to bring something undeniably emotional and fun to the small Bristol venue. Before the show, we got to talk to the vocalist Jordan Black about the current tour, their latest record and much, much more!

For those who might not be familiar, how would you describe Like Pacific?

It’s like pop punk/melodic punk I guess, More on the emotional side I would say.

You’re currently reaching the tail end of your UK tour with ROAM and Columbus, how has that experience been so far?

Amazing so far. It’s our first time we’ve ever been here so its pretty wild and insane. We’re all having fun so its pretty cool.

What has been the most exciting thing about this tour?

I mean, everything is such a culture shock here so honestly everything. Im definitely going to say the food, trying new food here is pretty insane.

You released ‘Distant Like You Asked’ at the beginning of the year, how has the whole cycle gone from the beginning up until this point?

We released it on the AP tour with Neck Deep and State Champs and it built some traction, kinda got the ground going with it, but you know come the summer with Warped Tour it was even bigger and now it’s like.. we played our home town and playing bigger markets in the States and that was crazy.

What song to you from that record would you say has the most meaning to you personally?

Worthless Case‘ or ‘22A‘. Either one, I’m kinda torn between the two of those.

What song would you say out of your discography do you feel gives off the whole Like Pacific message of what you guys are about?

Suffering‘ or ‘Eviction‘. They’re two songs off the self titled EP.

What is the meaning behind the quote ‘Stay Pissed’?

Honestly, it was just a stupid fucking joke. We were on tour with a band with 2012/2013 and we were just bored at our friends studio and we were just like ‘lets just record something‘ and I was like ‘I have this song in mind‘ and we all put it together really quickly and recorded it. I think it took us about 20 minutes and we were done. Then we were like ‘What do you wanna call it?‘ and our friend Anton pitched the name and that’s it!

Within the music genre, have you had any discrimination towards your sexuality?

I haven’t had any. I’ve seen people walk out of our shows beforewhich is really fucking weird and its just like ‘alright, you’re a fucking wiener‘, but besides that no. Definitely not.

Do you think it differs for you from outside of the music?

I think it totally does, but I don’t think theres any room for it anymore. I mean if there was any oppression of any sort in that sense they would be like ‘Get the fuck out of here, why did you pay money for this‘, which is a good thing!

What advice would you give to your fans who are having worries about coming out about who they truly are, whether it be about sexuality or gender?

That’s a hard one, I mean it’s different for everyone because some advice is better for some than others. For me, if I were to go with my own advice I took when I was 18 is that once you can properly be in a safe environment and maybe get away from people like you parents who may not understand it, then do that. Come out on your own terms, like don’t rush that shit but don’t hold it in because that could lead to a whole lot of fucked up things that I don’t want to get into. Come out on your own terms and don’t let someone else decide for you, just when you’re ready for it, but I don’t know as everyone is different you know?

What is your favourite piece of band merch/vinyl that you own?

Favourite vinyl that I own.. Carry OnA Life Less Plagued. What else do I have? I’m gonna say Such Gold Misadventures. I love that album, I think that album is great. For merch, I have a couple of Type O Negative shirts that I’m pretty happy about and glad to have.

If all the band members were in a wrestling match, who would win and who would take the pinfall/submission?

Chris would be the only winner as he loves wrestling and the rest of us hate wrestling. I would lose because I wouldn’t know what I was doing, I would probably die.

Without selecting pizza, what three items would you associate with pop punk?

Thank god you didn’t include pizza! Um, Black Vans Authentics. Uhh, A Neck Deep shirt? *laughs* sorry Ben. I don’t know! Um… one of your parents cars, being on your parents insurance.

If you could plan a world tour for next year, but could only pick bands from Canada, who would you choose?

Safe To SayBoys Night OutRarity.. Who else could I pick? Definitely Pine for sure. It’s funny because I could say any bands because I’m friends with a lot of them but they would probably be like ‘Nah we don’t wanna tour with you, we’re good‘. I’m definitely gonna say Safe To SayRarityCold Front. That’s my main selection

What can we expect from Like Pacific in 2017?

We got a lot going on. We just announced a Senses Fail tour with Counterparts and Movements. We’re taking of a few months to write come January. Like after this tour, were doing a few dates with Set Your Goals in the States then we’re home for about 2 1/2 months to write a bunch and get a bunch of  new tracks and stuff. I can’t say anything much more as we’ll get in trouble but after Senses Fail we have some more touring going on and recording a new record.

Any final words to your fans?

Thank you for giving a shit about my band. I never thought I was gonna make it this far at age 25 so this is amazingly humble.. I mean humbling sorry. I can’t talk today, I had a hot chocolate today and I think its the sugar rush.

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