Video Premiere: Safeguard debut single ‘Empty Nest’

Ahead of their debut EP When Did You Stop Caring? Safeguard are streaming their first single and music video with us here at Musicology.

Empty Nest is an honest and raw offering derived from personal experience.

Front man Declan Gough said: “Empty Nest is a song about a time in my life when all my friends in my social group went off to university and moved away, and for one reason or another I stayed behind and found myself in a job I hated.

“It’s sort of about the loneliness I felt and the feeling of seeing them make new friends, having fun and starting new adventures, while I got stuck in the mindset that things weren’t really moving forward for me.”

This track is one that is sure to reach out to many people on a personal level as the theme is so relatable and tackles the struggles everyone goes through growing up.

“The line, take me back to when I was sixteen, rewind to the happiest that I’ve ever been, refers to the summer just before I started college. When everyone was still close by and all the unforgettable nights I had; it was probably the best summer I can remember having.

“I’m sure there are other people who have been in the same boat as me who can relate to this song so this goes out to them.”

The ability to empathise and attach to the music is a theme that runs throughout the entire of When Did You Stop Caring? resulting in an EP that every member is proud of. The EP will be released on March 31st.

Martyn (guitar): “It’s amazing to see how, from conception to EP, the songs we originally set out on writing have evolved and how even the smallest of changes makes the biggest of differences. I think our songs portray a feeling that everyone has felt at some point during their lives, and even if it’s only one person that has one of our songs stuck in their head or has one stuck on repeat, then I’ll be happy.”

Zak (bass): “Without blowing my own trumpet, I love this EP with all my stone-cold heart. Contributing this much to music and knowing people will connect with lyrics I’ve helped write is such an indescribable feeling.
Making it took so long but was worth it, and watching our old demo videos from practice and seeing how much each song has evolved is great. We don’t hold back on discussing brutal issues, like abandonment, depression and obviously, heartbreak. Also, people should listen because I was allowed to do singing on some songs and that’s hilarious.”

Connor (drums): “I am in a unique position in which I didn’t write any of these songs! I was drafted in as a session drummer and we just stuck so I became a permanent fixture.
These songs are amazing and learning them was so fun. Recording the actual EP was great. I’ve had a fair bit of recording experience but this was one of the most exciting and enjoyable I’ve ever done! When we were sent the first draft, I just thought ‘Wow’ ‘Such Good’ ‘Much Banger’ and I just can’t wait for everyone to hear it,”

Declan (vocals): “I’m so ridiculously proud of this EP, every song means so much to me lyrically and I’m so stoked for people to hear it. The recording process was a blast, we did it with our friend Steve Craven who knew exactly how to get the best out of us. He kept us going until we got everything how we wanted it, and I’m so happy how it turned out.
We’ve put our heart and soul into this EP from the very beginning, from the early stages when the songs were just little ideas, right to the end. Also as every song deals with the struggles a lot us go through in our day to day lives, I think everyone will be able to find something they relate to on it.”

Pre-order When Did You Stop Caring? through Safeguard’s bandcamp page here – where you can also grab some of their new line of merch – and of course watch the video for Empty Nest below.

The Kenneths, Fibbers York, 12/10/16

The notorious Fibbers in York played host to a fantastic night of pop punk starting off with York’s answer to Neck Deep. Newcomers Safeguard certainly made a huge impression with the eager crowd. Frontman Declan Gough oozed confidence and drive that pushed the remainder of the band to deliver an enthusiastic performance. This show was new drummer Connor Dale’s first live appearance with the band and he did not disappoint. He created a solid and impressive base for the two guitarists and bassists to show their talented technical abilities. Gough’s vocals really got a chance to shine during acoustic song Better Off. The rest of their set consisted of a pop filled and lively mixture of original songs and covers of Sugar We’re Going Down (Fall Out Boy) and Still Waiting (Sum 41).


Next up was co headliners, Waco and their performance was just as colourful as their Hawaiian shirts. The Yorkshire crowd were treated to a flashback to influential 60s vibes with a powerful rock edge. There were a couple of tracks that particularly stood out, one of which was Nancy Guntrip. Frontman Jak Hutchcraft dedicated this one to “those who grew up in association housing.” Both the lyrics and delivery gave homage to this with a raw and humble feel. Waco’s set was full of high energy, flawless execution and inspirational speeches. All this built an excellent hippy atmosphere that left everyone feeling the love and put everyone in an optimistic mood for the next band.


Bring on mighty punkers The Kenneths. Anybody who was expecting just another generic pop punk band was mistaken. Safeguard offered modern pop punk, Waco gave us 60s and The Kenneths supplied the vamped up crowd with 80s punk. The band playfully joked around with the audience throughout their set making the experience memorable for all attendees. Audience participation did not end there. Several fans were asked to hold onto the microphone as Josh Weller bounced through the crowd playing guitar.

The Kenneths’ 22 years of experience was obvious as all three members seemed at home on stage sharing their art. The intimate chemistry between the three formed a warm and friendly ambiance throughout the venue. This review cannot go without mentioning Aicha Djidjelli who proved that she is one of the best female drummers that the rock genre has to offer.

Weller added to the fun of the night by doing the impossible of crowd surfing in a crowd of less than 50 people. But he made it work and looked damn cool while doing it. The performances of each song was like having a live visual of what goes on inside the band’s head, crazy, loud and passionate. This fit in perfectly with the song I Can’t Focus which Weller confessed was a song about his struggle with ADHD. A short but unruly piece that hooked everybody as Weller leaped around the stage hanging off the ceiling and connecting with the crowd. It really was an unforgettable evening for everyone lucky enough to be there.