Save The Lost Boys – Temptress

Save the Lost Boys is a very fitting band name for their latest album, Temptress. Although it feels lost at points, it is saved by other superb points. Make sure you are wearing your ‘I Love Pop Punk’ t-shirt before listening to this one.

Temptress has a fairly slow start with its first track, Wasting My Time. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Although nothing special, it is a good, solid song. It is the kind of track that would fit well over the top of a teenage rom-com movie montage, if only it had a stronger beat. The overall composition captures what the song is about – a relentless longing for someone with the knowledge you are wasting your time. So, not the best of starts to the album but enough to keep you interested and convince you to give the second track a chance.

Bad Names’ intro is the definition of a perfect, catchy pop-punk song opening. The riff grasps your attention right away and Lee Weiss’ vocals holds it. His voice is nostalgic of when pop-punk was at its best in the 90s however very cleverly combines with modern elements which makes the sound relevant. Still, there is the sense that the guys are holding back somewhat. There is a distinct lack of passion, it almost feels like they are trying that little bit too hard to play it cool. Unfortunately, this does take away from the song.

It is unclear what Save The Lost Boys were attempting to achieve with the introduction of the fourth track, Dancing. The otherwise well thought-out riff is out shone by an inapt drum beat that simply does not fit. This distracting drum beat makes several appearances throughout the song, which is a real shame as the rest of the song is spot on. The song’s break down features Tyler Smith and it works excellently. It adds a lot of depth to the band’s sound and gives this song a unique edge to the rest of the album.

Everything Is You is the sixth track and has by far the best chorus on the entire album. The combination of the lyrics and the fantastic support coming from the rest of the band shows the potential that Save the Lost Boys have to write an effective pop-punk song. It is definitely a song that gets better every time you listen to and it wrestles with your emotions more and more with each play. Everything Is You is a real turning point on the album and reinforces why these guys deserve to be making music.

After Everything Is You has opened up your emotions, it is now time for Things I Never Could Forget to cut them even deeper. Successfully playing off the poignant atmosphere that the previous track has created, the track gently pulls you through an expressive journey. This is a really raw and honest song that the guys should be proud of.

Temptress has a bit of a shaky start but really picks up half way through and holds until the end. It is a perfect album for all lovers of pop-punk, especially those who enjoy the more retro 90’s/00’s sound. Save the Lost Boys have a long way to go before they are massively affecting the music scene. Yet, if they progress as quickly as the album does then it will not be long until they are. If the second half of this record is anything to go by, this band are one to keep an eye on for the future.