SAYWECANFLY – ‘Blessed Are Those’ Review

SAYWECANFLY is the stage name of Braden Barrie’s singer/songwriter project. Hailing from Canada, Barrie has a distinctive style that comes from a variety of influences. With this being his second album, it’ll be interesting to see the similarities and differences between this album and the previous one.

Opening the album with a huge atmospheric introduction full of violins and synths, There Are No Flowers In Heaven sets the bar high for SAYWECANFLY. Next up is the title track Blessed Are Those and it carries on the atmospheric vibe with a piano intro. The reverb used and echoic effects used on this track are reminiscent of softer parts of Bring Me The Horizon’s There Is A Hell…’. Pairing this and the massive chorus, this track was meant for huge arenas and even bigger crowds.

I Didn’t Know takes things in a different direction with an acoustic guitar taking the lead, but that’s SAYWECANFLY’s bread and butter. This is a track with lyrics that wouldn’t be amiss on a Mayday Parade album and it sounds huge in the process. The rhyming scheme in this track is bound to have you singing and bouncing along in no time, getting stuck in your head with ease. Most Of The Time kicks in with a chorus that begs to be shouted from rooftops and it’s a given that this will be a real high at live shows. The rawness of the vocals in this track is something that really sets this song apart from the songs before it as well as making you sit up and pay attention to the lyrical content. It’s quite heartfelt.

Sounding slightly like a lullaby, The Chase is a track of soaring vocals and delicate instrumentals. Lyrics like “Lost my soul in the chase, now it ain’t worth a thing, and I know I was wrong to believe, that the stars ever fell down for me” are a classic example of the songwriting on this album and the poetic, heartfelt way that SWCF writes. Rounding the album off with When We Die, it is its mixture of pounding drums that drive the track whilst strings, piano and vocals fly alongside. The real highlight of this track is once again the vocal ability displayed, some of the real gut-wrenching notes, paired with the intensity of the instrumental are truly awe inspiring. It’s a real high to end on.

Overall this album is a solid continuous piece and it makes for easy listening. Some more experimentation would be interesting to hear as it is a lot of the same formula but that’s clearly what works for SWCF and why mess with it? It’s definitely an album that lives up to expectations.


SayWeCanFly Debuts ‘When I Come Home’ Video

Braden Barrie (AKA SayWeCanFly) has released a new video for his latest track When I Come Home from his new EP Darling which came out Wednesday 15th June.

The concept for the clip came to Barrie while in the middle of a 10-hour drive between tour stops: “It was a beautiful moonlit night in Arizona. My phone was dead, so all I could do was stare out the window and think. That’s when the universe gave me the idea for this music video,” he said. “I’ve always felt that contrast tells my stories in the most powerful way. I wanted to dive a little deeper into the darkness within. The skeleton character I play in this video is the continuation of the character in my previous video for ‘Driftwood Heart.’ He has transcended the pain and become part of it. He accepts it. Just like we all have to at some point.”

Watch the video below: