Volbeat – Seal The Deal And Lets Boogie

Danish rockers Volbeat have certainly risen to become one of the most celebrated and well respect European bands in recent years, their last release Outlaw Gentlemen And Shady Ladies produced some of the group’s best work to date.   Now on their 6th LP Seal The Deal And Lets Boogie, can Volbeat step up and deliver yet another disc of terrific wild west, old school rock n’ roll and heavy metal.

Opening with The Devil’s Bleeding Crown, you instantly hear that Volbeat aren’t a band who easily give up a sound they have used throughout their entire career.  The unmistakable hard rock/metal riffs are still as potent and hair raising as ever, Michael Poulsen’s classic western hard rock vocals have not wavered, and continue to be a staple of the band’s sound.    Let It Burn and The Gates Of Babylon liven up the album, adding an extra taste and flare compared to songs such as For Evigt and Marie Laveau, which are products of the classic Volbeat formula that we have come to know and love on many of the band’s hit songs/albums.   Black Rose and Mary Jane Kelly have that classic 1950’s hook that almost makes you want to dance along but head bang out like a mad man, they’re the stand out tracks on the album and definitely two of Volbeat’s best pieces of work so far.

The classic old school 50-60 swing hooks mixed with country western licks is what has shaped this album in it’s entirety, it’s almost like you’ve stepped in a time machine back to when rock music wasn’t so scrutinized or snobbish, to when it was all about having a good time.   Volbeat bring that in abundance on this album, but still manage to keep it as heavy as possible with tracks such as Seal The Deal, Battleship Chains and The Loa’s Crossroad.   Whilst it’s a great album, Seal The Deal weaves in an out of interest for the listener with tracks like You Will Know and Goodbye Forever, which do not live up to the other tracks, but these two tracks do not hinder or scar the album, it’s still a great album that any Volbeat fan will no doubt get hooked on and love.

Seal The Deal And Lets Boogie is another reminder that Volbeat are one of the best bands in the metal/hard rock community, constantly bringing many influences that inspired their idols and pushing those influences to the fore front of their sound like no other band dare do. [8/10]

For Fans Of – Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Elvis Presley, Deep Purple