Fort Fest announce more bands to lineup!

It looks like Fort Fest is setting itself up to be one of the most enjoyable underground festivals of this year! With seven more bands on stages announced, you’ll still have to wait for those headliners but hopefully this will tide you over.

You can listen to one of the bands below whilst also reading all the new additions.

Black Foxxes
Big Spring
We Came From Wolves
New Device

Seasons – What Goes Around EP [REVIEW]

Bringing something powerful for the underground alternative rock genre is Bedford based Seasons who add that fuel to the fire and bring you something that is amazing to say the least. Being on a busy schedule of writing and touring, they will be releasing their EP ‘What Goes Around’ next month and from the sounds of it, they’re coming out full guns blazing!

With the first song ‘Empire’ you get a slight Don Broco vibe with its bouncy tendencies in its verses before the feisty chorus takes a hold of you. The lead guitar tends to take a quiet approach compared to the rest on the instrumentation, but it boosts up the lower end of the rhythm guitar/bass and makes the record sound much more rounded. Going from this into ‘When We Were Young’, you see how versatile the group can be, sounding completely massive and will rise about all of your expectations you had about this record.

The EP just produces very strong guitar work throughout each song structure with ‘Last Words’ being the main highlight of this. As well as this, the EP really showcases off their contrasting elements with each song sounding like its own little entity. Grant Tuffs’ vocals are quite diverse within the different keys the songs take, with the harmonies not being too garish. Closing on the song ‘Fire’ captures every single great thing about the previous four tracks and shapes it into a perfect closer for the EP.

Being a band that could be classed as small in their stature have managed to create something in the vein of many mainstream alternative rock artists and do it to a very professional level! If this EP isn’t in your Top 10 by the end of the year, then it should be.


Released: 18th November 2016
For Fans Of: Don Broco / You Me At Six / Mallory Knox
Label: N/A