Chelsea Grin release new song ‘American Dream’, announce deluxe edition

Chelsea Grin have been on a big powerhouse with their array of pounding deathcore riffs and a penchant for bringing a strong dose of aggression to their music. With that, they have announced a deluxe edition of their latest album ‘Self Inflicted‘ which will no doubt draw more fans into them.

You can check out the new song from the deluxe edition titled ‘American Dream‘ below.

Chelsea Grin – Self-Inflicted

Back when deathcore first made its tentative steps as a genre, there were but a handful of bands that were pioneering this next step of heaviness. Whilst Despised Icon grew onto cult success and Whitechapel left the genre behind in search of more popular pastures, there are a few bands that stuck to their guns and kept the deathcore sound alive and well. Chelsea Grin, one such band, have been on an interesting trajectory. With their earlier work being revered as the pinnacle of the genre whilst their later material received flak for trying to be different but unfortunately falling flat. 

With their latest release, Self-Inflicted, Chelsea Grin have retraced their steps musically, writing some of their most viscous material to date. Early single Clickbait saw a band that knew what they wanted and executed it without remorse, the breakdowns remaining in lock-step rhythm the bass drum, helping them hit as hard as possible. Self-Inflicted is abusively heavy throughout its run time, with the duel guitar attack sounding thick and suffocating as the bass gets drowned out in the mix. The layers upon layers upon layers that make up each song aid to the brutality but sacrifice clarity of sound most of the time, instead making sure that the chugs are murky and as aggressive as possible.

This here lies the biggest flaw with Self-Inflicted. It is extremely one-dimensional, with a sole intention to be the biggest, baddest and heaviest album on the block. Whilst certainly succeeding in this area as you’ll be hard pressed to find an album that is as merciless as this, but for those who require a little bit of depth and meaning to their songs will be short changed. Whilst it is indeed fair to suggest that Chelsea Grin have built a career on sheer brutality, it does still have the same detracting effect on the band, especially in a time when music is becoming far more progressive and audiences smarter.

Self-Inflicted is anything but a bad album, in fact it’s a fun time for those who enjoy music going to the extreme end of heaviness. Skin Deep and Broken Bonds are both stand out tracks and do the best job of displaying Chelsea Grin’s new found power, but unfortunately are also the best candidates to prove what holds Self-Inflicted back so much. The meaningless lyrics aimed at no one in particular and textbook deathcore templates are rinsed and repeated until the final drop and whilst certainly entertaining definitely leaves something to be desired. 6/10

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Self-Inflicted is out July 1st via Rise Records