Gorephilia – Severed Monolith [REVIEW]

Bringing all the kids of death metal to Finland, Gorephilia are looking to add their name into the list of bands to keep an eye out for with their latest offering into the world. ‘Severed Monolith’ is out now and it’s time to see what they have created and brought into the world of metal.

The first track, ‘Interplanar’, opens up with a strong sounding effect on the guitars before the rest of the band pound their way through with double bass and tremolo picking being the main feature of the first track. The drums stick to going haywire whilst the vocals grumble over the track, giving the record that much more of a booming undertone that gives the track a bit more of a rounded sound. Moving into ‘Hellfire’, it tends to keep some of the same themes alive with the double bass of the drums and the powerful onslaught of the guitars that come through. The guitars do switch up from the repetitive tremolo picking to a bit more a groove centric power chord structure which livens up the record just a tad as ‘Harmageddon Of Souls’ picks up that pace once again through the majority of the track. It’s going to be a wonder how they don’t get knackered playing this material live, but with the nice touch of the solid sounding bass pacing through with just itself, the vocals and the drum beat, it sets a nice little precedent for itself.

The album carries on with many occurring themes and whilst it can feel a bit stale when listening to it, it hits many of the major points that you would expect with a death metal record. The interludes help provide a much needed filler between tracks with their own little ambience provided around it. ‘Words That Solve Problems’ has a more dissonant structure with it thanks to the guitar pattern that is placed with is whereas ‘Eternity’ goes a lot more atmospheric with its background noise and electronic elements which sets up their almost 10 minute behemoth ‘Crushed Under The Weight Of God’ superbly. That same track is also the one that showcases more of their underlining talent within their walls. The variation that the band achieve in this track, whilst in parts might feel minimal, but it brings out the best out the band and gives you an exciting ending to the record.

You might not feel that there’s much coming from the album within differences to the genre, but the band have placed themselves into a genre on a good perspective. They bring something fast paced and destructive that makes it a record you should check out if you are a fan of death metal in general