12 Brilliant British Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of

Seeing as Britain is now officially leaving the EU, its time to consider seriously what’s going to happen to our thriving music scene. You can read about how it will be actually affected here, but in the mean time here are 12 bands that truly deserve your attention. The music scene needs support now more than ever, and if you know any of these bands and already go support them then great, but if you don’t, this is but a taste of how diverse and utterly fantastic the British music scene is. These bands are in no particular order, this list would take far to long otherwise…. Read more

LIVE REVIEW: Shields at The Exchange, Bristol

The British underground is always stirring with new talent ready to rise up and take the world by storm. Bristol is as good a place as any to catch these up and coming stalwarts but unfortunately Ursus (3) won’t be joining them. They lack any stage presence, instead just playing as if they were showing off to their parents. Neither introduction nor any real connection with the audience present means their set falls absolutely flat, despite the lead guitarist showing talent. A lot more time spent in the practice room is on the horizon for these young lads. Read more