Newmoon – Space [REVIEW]

With some heightened shoegaze and indie rock, Newmoon aim to make headway with their debut record ‘Space’. Every band with a debut record has a chance to show why they should become the next talked about artist of their genre and with this record it will definitely garner some attention in their field.

If you look at the genre of shoegaze from its broad perspective, is that its a subgenre of indie rock and alternative rock, which you get those strong influences in this album from top to bottom. With the first song being the first single, ‘Helium’ invokes a lot of the trippy style elements from prog rock/psychedelic rock as well, especially with the vocals. Whilst the vocalist sounds somewhat bored of his own lyrical content, the songs on this record work really well with that vocal style. That point is exemplified with ‘Skin’ as the verses go on a slower softer route which lets you hear their trance-like tones within their singing.

Whilst nearly all the tracks are long, it really helps with their style of post-punk feeling due to how other-worldly their instrumentation is. The first few tracks follow the same music structure but as it progresses, their chances to experiment and produce something to please your senses. The slow tempos intertwined with the bombastic distortion on the guitars are something enjoyable and even add to the melodies that are given their own time to shine. ‘One Thousand’ does this in spades being the longest song on the record.

For their debut record, they’ve come out swinging and whilst it might not be the cult classic that will always be with certain bands, they’ve set themselves a bar to reach for their next musical endeavour. It might not be the A* you come across, but the record still brings something to enjoy.


Released: 14th October 2016
For Fans Of: Silversun Pickups / Explosions In The Sky
Label: PIAS