LIVE REVIEW: Lower Than Atlantis – O2 Academy, Birmingham – 10.03.17

With a long queue awaiting to get into Birmingham’s O2 Academy to see Lower Than Atlantis, it was clear that a lot of people had been awaiting the return of the Watford based alternative rock band.

Opening the show were pop punkers Roam. Although being first on the bill, the band were here to make a long lasting impression and Alex (vocals) kept up a high energy fuelled set keeping the whole crowd on their toes, pushing to the front and singing along at the top of their voices. Deadweight saw the first of the many crowd surfers amongst the fans and they even started up a circle pit which worked weirdly well considering the vibes. Finishing on Hopeless Cause, Roam had put on a good show and had certainly warmed the audience up for the rest of the evening’s entertainment. [8/10]

Up next were Hands Like Houses. Whilst the Australian sextet brought a lot of energy, the crowd didn’t seem as responsive as they did for Roam despite a lot of excitement for them pre-tour. The majority of their set was from their latest release ‘Dissonants‘ and this was preformed with absolute precision; everything from the instrumentals to the flawless vocals resulted in the band giving a really positive performance. The audience seemed to perk up a little too late though as they only got really involved in the last song with a clap and a sing-a-long. [7/10]

Young Guns came on stage to a beautifully lit area with LED’s lighting up the amps and creating an exciting vibe around the place. The crowd were definitely excited to see them play as cheers erupted when they burst into their first song ‘Mad World‘. Halfway through the set the band started playing ‘You Are Not‘ and instantly the room was alight with torches and phone screens setting a mellow mood for the crowd and enticing a sing-a-long. They put on a good show, but seemed to lack the all important energy on stage and this reflected with the crowd. They also let the room into a little secret that they’ll be back in September for a headline tour. [7/10]

Finally, the band that everyone had been waiting for, Lower Than Atlantis. They burst onto stage full throttle with ‘Had Enough‘ and ‘Dumb‘. After the crowd finally calmed down, Mike handed the vocal duties over to the room for “Emily” and just stood there with the biggest grin on his face whilst we watched every single person singing his words back at him. Mike then went on to explain that the band had only slept for a matter of “6 hours over the past 48 hours” and was somewhat an apology for the lack of singing, however they didn’t let it affect the energy that they put across – you wouldn’t have known otherwise. The further along the set the more you could hear Mike‘s voice struggle, but when the band went off for a breather and came back on for the encore, phone lights again lit the venue and both the whole band and the whole crowd sang along and created a breathtaking atmosphere. Overall, Lower Than Atlantis put on a brilliant set despite Mike’s vocal struggles but with the crowd stepping in when needed, it was totally worth it. [8/10]

norwegian tons of rock

Blink-182 announced for first Norwegian show

Pop punk legends Blink-182 are set to play their first ever Norwegian show in June next year.

The set will be a part of the Tons Of Rock festival from 22nd-24th June that takes place annually at Fredriksten Fortress, Halden around 100km away from the capital Oslo. Blink will headline Thursday 22nd.

The lineup also features an exclusive Cabotus Rex performance from Sabaton as well as a spot from Airbourne amongst others. Past lineups have included Twisted SisterBlack SabbathAlice CooperSlayerW.A.S.P and Anthrax so this looks set to be another huge year.

See the latest lineup below, get more information on their website and get tickets here.

Ayreon to perform ‘Once In A Lifetime’ live show for two nights

It’s going to be something that everyone will want to remember. Ayreon Universe will be doing a special two dates which will feature some of your favourite members of favourite artists from the prog metal and technical metal world. From Symphony X to Katatonia, from Nightwish to Blind Guardian, it will surely be a great night as well as a feature from Arjen Lucassen himself. You can check out a clip below of what you might expect.

Creeper Butserfest

Creeper confirm R1 Rock Show appearance

Much speculation has surrounded exactly what will come from Creeper on October 2nd, but it appears the suspicions of the fans have been accurate with the Radio 1 Rock Show.

The band have just tweeted the below post, seeming to confirm all the fan theories about being linked to Peter Pan’s storyline and a photo of Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter to confirm it was in fact the case that they will have some involvement in tomorrow night’s show.

See the post below:

while she sleeps civil isolation

While She Sleeps announce new track

Sheffield metal titans While She Sleeps seem to be moving on from their 2015 album Brainwashed after a teaser video they posted last week.

The revelation comes in the form of what seems to be a track titled Civil Isolation which is set to be played during the Radio 1 Rock Show on Sunday night from 7pm.

See the tweet below and prepare yourself by finding where to tune in clicking here:

Dead! Livingston

Dead! – Livingston Studios, London, 23/8/16

Dead! are looking more and more like the natural heirs to the My Chemical Romance estate with every show and last night was no different.

As the crowd entered the tiny Wood Green studio, it was pretty clear it would be an incredibly hot and sweaty show about the size of a house show only with double the number of people. Off to the side in the makeshift bar were various members of lesser known bands, one of whom were support act Airways. They walked onto the stage clearly not phased by the Damned Restless Future members ahead of them and began to play through their tracks. After hearing current single One Foot, it’s no wonder the band are featured on the ‘Walk Like A Badass’ playlist on Spotify and are supporting Nothing But Thieves on their giant UK tour later this year. The track shone brighter than the rest of the tracks they displayed; it has pop hooks, huge basslines and a carefully considered structure that brings the track to life live. After making the tiny room suitably sweaty, they left the stage to raucous applause and cheering; they definitely made some new fans during their half-hour set.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, now it was time for the main event. Dead! took to the stage and within seconds were already breaking out into brand new single Something More Original (see below fan-filmed footage). Guitarists the Matlock brothers brought an energy to the show from the very off and before second track We Are Dead! was finished Sam was already climbing up the amplifier stack, jumping off and screaming back at the bellowing fans before him. Adding to the atmosphere was frontman Alex’s enigmatic stage presence. It’s hard to describe, but his mannerisms onstage captivate even the most sceptical people in the room and he can wrap the audience round his finger to sing along to their dangerously catchy tunes.

Powering through more punky unreleased track Enough only forces tiny cluster of sweaty fans to get more active. Despite having fewer than a hundred people in this room, a circle pit was opened swiftly and the rug that covered the floor of the room was brushed aside just in time for everyone to get off their feet to the regular, funky rhythm of Phantom and the pure energy of Skin and Enemy. The room had gotten to become truly oven-esque, to the point where Sam demanded the door to be opened so “we don’t actually die in here”, much to the relief of everyone else around. They then slowed right down for Alaska as Alex stopped singing for the first time of the night to let the crowd fill in for the chorus, promising the band “we will live like wolves” and there was a genuine and heartfelt connection between everyone in the room at that very moment. From that point, the whole crowd were friends. From that point, the whole crowd were the Damned Restless Future. That is the ability of Dead! to change mindsets and to change lives.

The band finished up with the massive, relatively new single You’re So Cheap and there wasn’t a single voice not at it’s full capacity. A true triumph for the band and while by no means the largest show they have played it was a sincerely special moment. Reading & Leeds should prove to add more gravity to their CV, but this band are on the cusp of something special.


PUPPY announce new mini album

Puppy have announced their new EP and detailed it a little.

The record is titled Vol II due for a August 12th release, and a free release show celebrating the event will take place on August 23rd at The Black Heart in Camden.

unnamed (7)

Jock Norton (vocals/guitar) said:

“With VOL II we wanted to do expand upon the foundations we’d laid with our first EP, both musically and conceptually. I think we’d wanted the first one to essentially be four singles, whereas this one has a bit more light and shade to it. I know describing something as a ‘musical journey’ is pretty naff but I feel it applies here, at least to some degree. Another thing we were conscious of was trying to streamline our sound a bit more. People always comment on the fact that we mix a lot of indie rock ideas in with more traditionally metal sounding stuff, and I think here we wanted the lines to blur even further; hopefully rather than thinking “this bit sounds like Metallica and this bit sounds like Grandaddy in quite a dichotomous way, the joints have been smoothed down a little and those ideas come together in a more coherent way. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and we’re really excited to share it with people.”

The track listing looks like this:

1. Entombed
2. My Tree
3. Arabella
4. Warm
5. Here At Home

Puppy’s Entombed from the record has had a video released, watch it below:

Red Hot Chili Peppers Appear On TV

Everybody’s favourite funk rockers are officially back: with a new album on Friday, the band has just made their first major appearance in the public eye since their comeback with the Reading & Leeds announcement back at the start of the year, in the form of an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden

The video is in the regular segment of the show Carpool Karaoke, in which an artist travels in the car with Corden while jamming out to all their greatest hits as well as some new tracks, and obviously for the Peppers this meant some huge tracks were broken out.

Included in the segment were new track Dark Necessities and old favourites like Under The Bridge and Californication, resulting in 2 of 4 of the band shirtless along with Corden.

Check it out: