Incendia Showcase has been detailed

The Incendia Showcase is hitting Camden this summer, and with it brings four quality little bands. The bands have been carefully selected by Incendia PR to put on the best possible show. Find tickets here and RSVP on Facebook here.

The Bands

The Alchemy are a fresh new, 4 piece exponent of the new breed of English Rock bands that seamlessly blend the attitude of big guitars with big samples and synths. Find them on Facebook.

Agent have headlined their own NZ tours and UK shows, have featured at UK rock festivals and their second album ‘Kingdom of Fear’ created a buzz in the prog-rock scene in the UK and Europe earning the band a 2014 UK progressive music award nomination. Find them on Facebook.

Mixing their blend of Alternative Rock with Hard-Dance hooks, Stereo Juggernaut are the freshest hybrid you’ll hear today. Crushing guitar work boasting classic lead-parts mixed with modern riffage. Intricate, lyrical, and primitive rhythms fused with pounding, melodic bass-lines and synths reminiscent of filthy underground raves. They incorporate audio textures from the future, whilst maintaining a genuine, old-school guitar driven sound. Find them on Facebook

“Black Orchid Empire have steamrollered their way into my life with a song that is so undeniable, it’s like I’m hearing Muse for the first time all over again” – Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio
Find them on Facebook