Slam Dunk Festival announces 11 more bands!

With only a few more months away until Slam Dunk Festival, They have just announce the addition of 11 new artists across the many stages that they have. The bands stated are CrossfaithAndrew McMahon in the WildernessWaterparksWith ConfidenceMILK TEETHBlack FoxxesDecadeCounterfeit.Fort HopeSHVPES & Puppy!

With still more bands to be announced and a new stage along with a competition to play the festival, its looking to be a solid one. Check out one of our favourites announced below!

Trivium – Rock City 18/2/17

Saturday night was a great night in Nottingham for the local metalheads – Trivium were back and headlining the stage at Rock City. Supported by the recently popular Shvpes and Sikth, who were unfortunately missing a guitarist, it was with mixed feelings the crowd entered the venue.

Shvpes had a very energetic front man, who engaged the crowd extremely well and got them pumped. Their 7 song set was short, but the crowd were singing along by the time they played Skin & Bones. The vocalist was constantly calling for a circle pit, and repeatedly spoke to the crowd and tried to get them as hyped as he could for the following acts.


Up next were Sikth, and although they were down a guitarist, it didn’t stop them from giving the performance 110%. The prog metallers have two lead vocalists, and although it seemed like this might be overwhelming, they both incorporate different styles into their performances and blend them together really well. The crowd gave Sikth positive reactions, singing along and giving them a circle pit. Shoeless guitarist Dan managed to fill the empty guitar space with some insane prog metal riffs that the crowd went crazy for.


Finally, out came Trivium. The crowd knew what was coming with a stage set up of a huge stone throne for drums. The trademark Trivium skulls were also present. The entire performance was planned, but it felt like the group were just going through the motions, all the way from Rain to Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr. However, that didn’t stop the crowd from getting into the performance and vocalist Matt Heafy frequently asked the crowd for help on the vocals.


Sikth + Shvpes announced as Trivium UK/EU supports.

It’s time for some tour support news! Two UK acts will be touring with the mighty Trivium this coming March and those names are Sikth and Shvpes. Showing off some of what the best of UK has to offer, its an exciting time for both bands careers. Check out the main support band Sikth below as well as tour dates too.

11/02/2017 – Ireland – Dublin  / Academy

12/02/2017- N. Ireland – Belfast / Limelight

14/02/2017 – UK – Birmingham / Institute

15/02/2017 – UK –  Manchester  / Academy

16/02/2017 – UK – Glasgow / Barrowlands

17/02/2017 – UK – London / Roundhouse

18/02/2017 – UK – Nottingham /Rock City

20/02/2017 – LUX – Luxembourg / Den Atlier

21/02/2017 – Holland – Amsterdam / Melkweg

22/02/2017 – Germany – Berlin / Huxleys

24/02/2017 – Norway – Oslo / Rockefella

25/02/2017 – Sweden – Stockholm / Klubben

27/02/2017 – Finland –  Helsinki / The Circus

01/03/2017 – Sweden –  Gothenburg / Pustervik

02/03/2017 – Sweden –  Malmo / Kb

03/03/2017 – Denmark – Copenhagen / Vega Main Hall

04/03/2017 – Denmark – Arhus / Train

06/03/2017 – Germany – Hannover / Capitol

07/03/2017 –  Germany  – Leipzig / Taubchenthal

08/03/2017 – Austria – Vienna / Arena

10/03/2017 – Switzerland – Pratteln / Z7

11/03/2017 – Germany  – Munich / Theaterfabrik

12/03/2017 – Germany – Stuttgart / Longhorn

13/03/2017 – Italy –  Milan / Magazzini Generali

15/03/2017 – Switzerland – Lausanne / Les Docks

16/03/2017 – France – Marseille / Espace Julien

17/03/2017 – Spain  – Barcelona  / Apollo

18/03/2017 – Spain – Madrid / Sala But

19/03/2017 – Spain – Antiago De Compostela/ Capitol

21/03/2017 – France  – Cognac / West Rock

22/03/2017 – France  – Paris / Caberet -Sauvage

24/03/2017 – Germany – Koln / Live Music Hall

25/03/2017 – Belgium – Antwerp / Trix




LIVE REVIEW: Asking Alexandria, KOKO London 16/08/16

English rock giant Asking Alexandria (joined by Shvpes) took to the stage last night at Camden’s KOKO London only to be greeted by the iconic atmosphere of the esteemed area.

Before the first act even began playing the crowd seemed more rowdy and hungry than ever, blaring choruses to rock classics and instigating and mosh-pit or two whilst the tech were still even setting up, making Shvpes‘ arrival all the more felt.

The metal quintet from Birmingham have recently been through the mill themselves, undergoing a whole reshaping and branding of the band, they’ve had to really put in a shift to create a new name for themselves and reinstate their cytota-status… So with their willingness and the crowd’s vehemence in mind they certainly packed a real punch.

Despite only having a half-hour(ish) set they still managed to electrify and energise an excitably ecstatic crowd with mosh pits, circle pits and an incalculable amount of crowd-surfers! Aptly whetting the appetites of the sold out KOKO London.

Displaying Shvpes1.jpg


It is to be noted that fan-favorite Ben Bruce (lead guitar/vocals) was sadly absent for this show (and for the entirety of the short Euro-tour in light of the immanent birth of his baby girl).

The loss of such a maverick did indeed leave a big Ben Bruce shaped gap on the stage but it was made up for “tenfold” by the rest of the band’s buoyancy and the hunger of the fans.

So half an hour after the closing of Shvpes‘ set, the ambiance of Asking Alexandria dawned upon the venue like an infectiously viral reticence, silently articulating the buzz and excitement for the rockstars’ arrival.

The band’s mere presence sparked an explosion of exhilaration as Denis stood the crowd up and got them going early; before the drop of I Won’t Give In caused the gates of hell itself to open.

Shortly after, the band threw it back to the pre-Danny exodus with big hitters Run Free and The Death of Me which went down exceptionally well as the jumping and the screaming ensued. This also made light of Denis’ increasingly more and more Worsnop-esque vocal range.

Albeit, still not quite as prolific as the ex-frontman but Denis is starting to look so much more comfortable as an Asking Alexandria singer – far from how he looked when he started, meaning no more mic cupping and actually singing songs now. He’s growing into Danny’s massive boots a little more each performance and foregrounding just how effectively and without hassle Asking Alexandria are moving on from the previous vocalist.

The next two songs, Let it Sleep and Closure showed the crowd that this setlist was going to be a nicely varied medley of AA generations. Veering through The Black and then right round to Reckless and Relentless Asking Alexandria stick to their guns and keep the golden oldies going, to no complaint of the fans of course as they continue to mosh and rock on without signs of mercy.

If you’re a regular at Asking Alexandria‘s concerts you’ll be used to the intermission where Ben Bruce gives it the Freddy Mercury styled crowd control with a few “wo-ohs” before his own Bruce-spin, where the crowd usually insults his Asking Alexandria counterparts in unison, however with no Ben, this wasn’t to be.

Luckily, bassist Sam Bettley emerged from the shadows to fill the gap to make an announcement in light of what he described as “the elephant in the room” (or more appropriately, the one that wasn’t in the room). Sam ran us through the absence then generously incited a big round of applause for the stand-in guitarist who he invited out on stage.

After an insanely energetic and internally eclectic evening of music, Asking Alexandria rounded the occasion off with an even further throwback than the last, in the form of signature songs, Not the American Average and A Prophecy before closing the night with their encore and most predictably well received song The Final Episode.

In conclusion, Asking Alexandria absolutely smashed the show last night. Small venue? No problem. No Ben? No problem. The band are so procedurally brilliant at what they do,  it’s become a habit to arrive and amaze wherever they go.

Displaying AA15.jpg

BBC Radio 1 Rock Show Preview – 24/7/16

On tonight’s edition of BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, expect to hear some decent music from some of your favourite bands. Within this preview, Musicology aim to discuss some of the highlights that will be appearing on tonight’s show.

King 810 will be premiering their new single “I Aint Goin Back Again” this controversial band release this new track following their LP That Place Where Pain Lives and Mixtape Midwest Monsters 2. Could this track be something from the bands awaited upcoming second album, or perhaps something much more unique, tune in tonight to hear the new track.

Cheshire based group Leatherneck will have their new song Autumn Walls played on Radio 1. This track comes from the band’s new EP Lighting Up The Tilt Sign the EP will be released August 5th via Close To Home records. Make sure you check the band out on tonight’s Rock Show.

SHVPES will be premiering their new track “Two Minutes Of Hate”. A new video for the track will be available this coming Monday, and previews have already been coming up on the bands Facebook page, for the video itself. More information will be made available as part of The Rock Show.

A Day To Remember will premiere their new song Bullfight. This track will be taken from their new album Bad Vibrations released on August 19th.

Something You Whisper will have their Twenty One Pilots cover Heathens played as part of the Rock Show. The band release a deluxe edition of their album Beautiful Sins which will include 3 new songs. The Deluxe Edition can be bought now via iTunes. 

Frank Carter will be playing Summer Shenanigans. This includes a band that inspired you, a band you’ve toured with and a track from your own band. This will look to be quite an interesting choice as Frank Carter has been known to be unpredictable.

Finally the show will also have interviews tonight with Lande of Muncie Girls and Pop Punkers WSTR, this looks set to be a huge show and will be available to listen to from 7pm on BBC Radio 1 and for up to 30 days after via BBC iPlayer.