Chase Huglin – You Deserve An Island

Chase Huglin is a singer/songwriter based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His debut album You Deserve An Island is available now via InVogue Records.

The album begins with a gentle track called Wind Chimes, before launching into the acoustic pop-punk second track Pills, which addresses issues that a lot of musicians face while writing songs while taking drugs/alcohol.

The album is classic acoustic singer/songwriter, just stripped back to vocals and a simple guitar part, which has been done a million times but still has the potential to be done really well, which Huglin has.

The fourth track, Niagara, switches to electric guitar backing the vocals with the heavy use of effects on both the guitar and vocals. The effects have the potential to be over done, but the mixing and mastering has been done really well here. The vocals also switch up to screaming part of the way through the song, which Huglin does well too. He seems to be a versatile vocalist, he could front a heavier band if he wanted to.

The second half of the album seems to be a bit more cheerful about the “fuck you” the vocalist is giving to whoever the songs are about.

The title song of the album, You Deserve An Island, switches back to electric guitar and vocals. It’s different to the rest of the album as it’s more romantic than almost-angry.

Most of the songs on this album don’t seem to have a definitive ending, they just tail off, much like a lot of other acoustic singer/songwriters.

The final track of the album, Folded Hands, finally introduces a full band including drums and bass. It’s the build up that the listener has been hoping for through the entire album.

High points: Your Side Of The Bed, Hell, You Deserve An Island, Folded Hands

Low points: It would have been nice to hear some other instruments other than guitar and vocals, with the exception of Wind Chimes. Most of the album is too similar, it doesn’t really evolve. Most of the guitar rhythms are the same.

However, Chase Huglin is clearly a talented musician, and definitely one to look out for in the future. If you like acoustic singer/songwriters, then he is one artist to listen to. If he’s not your cup of tea, keep an eye on his future releases, as he has such huge potential to develop his work.