Galactic Empire & Guests – Live @ The Fleece, Bristol (6/2/17)

After taking a long haul flight from the galaxy to come to the UK, Galactic Empire have come around to a few venues with the plans of gaining more rebels for their army, with their strong following support of Sithu Aye and local support BOE in tow to make the night that much more memorable.

Bringing the night to a pretty enjoyable opening, Bristol boys in BOE (6) are here to show off what they are able to do well and that is to bring the groove into full effect. With the drummer hidden out of plain sight, the rest of the band brought something that got a few people banging their heads in enjoyment from the openers set. Whilst a few of the songs did tend to drag a little bit, they held their own and didn’t leave much room to drift off somewhere else as there was something there for everyone to listen to.

Up next came Scottish based prog guitar sensation Sithu Aye (10) who’s amazing technical display of beautiful melodies and low toned bounce combined with gripping solos made for one of the most enjoyable 45 minutes that people will experience this year. With the whole set being all intrinsically linked by the songs being played, being lost in a whole progressive nature with newer tracks like ‘Transient Transistors’ adding an aggressive touch to the tone whereas the 2014 song ‘Messengers’ provided a much more melodically energetic and clean approach to his writing style that a lot of people might not have known about. Overall, the experience was breathtaking and the closing on ‘And Here’s To Many More’ gives a lovely glimmer of hope that this wont be the last you’ll see of them.

Then it was time for the rebels to be exterminated and the riffs to be enjoyed by many. Galactic Empire (10) brought the room to an amazing peak with their atmospheric entrance before blasting right into ‘Main Theme’ for everyone to cheer loudly and raise their horns into the air to kick off their set. Filling in the gaps of their songs with some great dubbed over humour and even a force choke during the set, the band pounded through their set with ‘Imperial March’ and ‘Cantina Band’, with the latter being the most enjoyed track by the venue with dancing and bouncy balls being batted around all over the place to bring the party mood up. After a powerful set and what felt like an amazing time, the band boosted it even further with the encore of ‘Duel Of The Fates’ giving the venue that final hurrah and pleasant ending everyone wanted and the raucous applause gave the evening that final pièce de résistance that makes this gig one to remember for the rest of the year.