Six Feet Under – Torment [REVIEW]

Being a veteran band in the death metal scene, there are a lot of eyes who are watching on you to keep up what you once had to keep the power and qualities that everyone enjoyed back in the day. Now, 24 years since their inception, Six Feet Under are back with their twelfth studio record that aims to keep alive what they have been punching through over the past 2 decades.

The record seems to start off slowly, but aggressively with ‘Sacrificial Kill’ that invokes a lot more groove this time around, but once it gets into the vocals, that enjoyment starts to fade a little bit and feels a little bit lacklustre in terms of the instrumentation. There’s no denying that Chris Barnes’ vocals will have no doubt taken some hits over the past few years, but the producing of his signature style feels somewhat flat than it did even in the late 2000’s. Some of the words he produces feigns a weird wobble in the projecting of his voice that feel very unnerving and take away too much from the actual band. As you progress further, more examples of his vocal style kind of ruining the record flow and feel are in the track ‘The Separation Of Flesh From Bone’ which tends to feel somewhat cringeworthy as the rest of the band have to pick up the pace and try and salvage where the vocals are going wrong.

If you focus on the instrumentation as a whole, the record is actually a good example of how much death metal is progressing, albeit slowly. Whilst there are tracks that push that groove element forward a bit with ‘Knife Through The Skull’ and ‘Funeral Mask’ both using that to their advantage in areas, the enjoyment from this record tends to be from the band getting out of this comfort zone and bring a more technical and fast paced in its creation. The track ‘Schizomaniac’ is a great example of this as you see the band get to push themselves with the speed and feel like they’re utilising their instruments and gives you a chance to experience something that might feel new from the group. A personal highlight from the record is ‘In The Process Of Decomposing’ as it kind of goes on its own little trend and sounding somewhat positive in its guitar work, with the vocals unfortunately bringing it back down to earth.

You can’t knock the band for what they have produced throughout their entire career and you’re always going to hit some records that aren’t as good as previous material. Unfortunately, this is one of those times as the band create something that feels enjoyable, but cookie cutter at the same time. They’ve hit the nail on the head, but more times on their own thumbs.


Invisible Mirror Sign With Wormholedeath for their new album “On The Edge Of Tomorrow”

Invisible Mirror have signed a deal with record label Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their new album On The Edge Of Tomorrow. The group have supported both Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) and Six Feet Under and combines strong melodies with a strong progressive sound.

Ricky Bonazza bassist and vocalist stated in the press release: “It‘s been a hell of a ride! We really took all the time necessary to work out every detail on the album, to make it sound just the way it‘s supposed to. It wasn’t always easy but when I‘m listening to it now, it‘s exactly how we have envisioned it and beyond. We‘re really proud of the result. I think it‘s a very versatile album, very musical, almost like a journey because we combine so many different music elements. Our goal was to keep everything natural and organic, there‘s this rawness that makes the record breathe and that‘s also how it was mixed. There are literately no drum samples, triggers or anything like that, all real sounds, all natural. The way we’ve recorded it makes it sound very dynamic and also adds a certain live feel to it. Kind of a modern/vintage record. Our motto in the studio was “feeling and emotions“. I think we have accomplished that.”

On The Edge Of Tomorrow was produced by Connie Adreska (former Mystic Prophecy) and Dani Löble (Helloween). 

The digital release date for Invisible Mirror’s On The Edge Of Tomorrow is 20th January 2017 via Wormholedeath/The Orchard with America’s date scheduled for 17th February 2017 via Wormholedeath USA. The European and Japanese release dates TBA.

The band released their new video Life Of A Stranger from the new album which can be viewed below