Six Time Champion reveal new tour and music video!

Six Time Champion, a pop punk outfit from Brighton, are building up to the release of their latest EP More Than Me.

The boys have released a music video for the EP’s second track Down. Commenting on the song, vocalist JAmes Dagg said “Down is about the way we can end up believing that feeling constantly negative is normal, and dragging everyone around you into the same miserable mind set. We let Ian take the reigns on putting together the video, using his own interpretation from the lyrics to reflect the themes and mood of the song”. 

You can stream the song below:


That’s not all though! Six Time Champion are heading out for a slew of UK tour dates, including their EP release date and a club night show, so lots of variety.

Six Time Champion – More Than Me [EP]

Six Time Champion are returning this Autumn with an EP entitled More Than Me. The band’s last release was a single called Let Me In, but they have been relatively quiet since – a fact that these gentlemen are out to rectify.

More Than Me opens with Lost, a confident introduction with a style reminiscent of Decade: strong British vocals, strident guitar and a paced drum beat to keep the song on track. The somewhat self-deprecating lyricism of the song, and the EP in general brings a raw tone not dissimilar to The Story So Far in terms of passion.

Down opens with a classic pop punk structure, some brief drum beats leading in a jovial guitar riff. It’s still solid stuff, but as with other songs on More Than Me, it lacks many truly memorable elements leading to a tendency for songs to blend together. Every Angle remedies this somewhat with some pleasant harmonies, a catchier hook and some chugging guitar work. Every Angle is set to be a great song when performed live, with a singalong quality equaled only by Uneasy.

Whilst it can be predictable for a pop punk release to strip it back for an acoustic song, but Uneasy works well as the penultimate track on More Than Me. The change in pace prevents the EP from running end to end with little to break up it’s songs. Though the track is pleasant to listen to, it’s not breaking any ground thematically. A love lost, some crooning regret and a dash of loneliness to top it off.

Doubt rocks in to finish off the EP with a fervently bouncy riff. It boasts a faster pace, and a stellar chorus, making it the highlight of More Than Me for sure. The lyrics still aren’t anything special, but this song is delivered with an enthusiasm you might not even realize the EP had been missing until Six Time Champion burst this one from the cage.

Six Time Champion‘s sophomore EP More Than Me is dependent and enjoyable. It’s certainly not groundbreaking – in fact, it’s a pretty safe bet from the band, but the quality of their tracks will undoubtedly fuel another great tour cycle.


Six Time Champion are back with a new single and EP news!

Six Time Champion were a prominent member of the UK pop punk scene for a regrettably short period last summer when they released their single Let Me In and rocked around on an impressive series of tours. Now, the boys are back with news of a new EP.

More Than Me is the upcoming release from Six Time Champion, and it’s due on the 14th October. It was recorded at The Outhouse with John Mitchell. The track-list is as follows.

1. Lost
2. Down
3. Every Angle
4. Uneasy
5. Doubt

“Always writing about my own personal issues is quite a self-involved act, and I just hope that these songs do actually reach out on a personal level to people other than myself” comments James Dagg, the bands vocalist.

They also recognised their quiet disappearance from the limelight after their latest tour: “We’ve not really been active in the scene and have dropped off the radar a bit in the last 9 months or so.  We had a line up change after our tour with Homebound last year and had some down time, then spent the majority of the second half of 2015 writing etc. But playing shows has always been the thing we’ve enjoyed most about being in this band so we’re looking forward to getting back out on the live circuit off the back of this release.”

The band’s latest single is called Down, the EP’s second track. You can stream it via Soundcloud, right here.